Stefan Arngrim

22 September 2018

Stefan Arngrim and Gary Conway joined Giants Log over a video link to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the premiere of Land of the Giants. Both paid tribute to their Land of the Giants co-star Deanna Lund who passed away in June of 2018.

7 April 2017

Stefan Arngrim, star of Land of the Giants, attended Amazicon 5 in Delaware over the weekend of 7-9 April 2017.

1 September 2012

Stefan Arngrim - Interview for SFX website

Stefan Arngrim discussed Land of the Giants and Irwin Allen in an interview with the British SFX magazine website:

Stefan Arngrim Interview with SFX

19 November 2011

The cast of Land of the Giants attended The Hollywood Show Vegas autograph show on Saturday 19th November 2011. Attending the autograph show were series stars Gary Conway, Deanna Lund, Don Marshall, Don Matheson, Heather Young, and Stefan Arngrim together with guest star Celeste Yarnall.

24 June 2011

Stefan Arngrim was interviewed on The Late Show with Ian Collins on UK radio channel TalkSport on the night of 23/24 June 2011. 

13 June 2011

Land of the Giants Season Two DVD Box set available in stores in the UK. Features unique Land of the Giants cast commentary.

8 April 2011

Cast of Land of the Giants at recording studio on 8 April 2011

On Friday 8th April 2011, the cast of Land of the Giants gathered together in LA to create a very special treat exclusively for the UK Second Season DVD release. Stefan Arngrim, Don Marshall, Deanna Lund, Gary Conway, Heather Young and Don Matheson recorded a really outstanding audio commentary which will appeared on the second season DVD extras. This unique event showcased the delightful camaraderie between the cast members.

2011 Reunion Gallery

9 October 2010

Stefan Arngrim joined the Land of the Giants cast at the Hollywood Show on the weekend of 9-10 October 2010.

11 June 2010

The A Team movie opens in the US and features Stefan Arngrim as a mental patient. The A Team will open in the UK on 30th July 2010.

17 December 2009

Thor Arngrim

Thor Arngrim - Nov. 25th 1928 - Dec. 16th 2009 - thank you all for your prayers and support - contributions in memoriam of my father to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research would be greatly appreciated (and needed) - thank you - Stefan Arngrim.

10 October 2009

Stefan's episode of T.J. Hooker, 'The Fast Lane', is to be shown on the British TV channel Quest on Thursday 22nd October at 12pm and repeated at 4pm.

22 September 2009

Stefan will also be making an appearance in the new series called 'Caprica' which will premiere in Spring 2010.

22 September 2009

The new series of 'V' premieres in the US on 3rd November 2009, and Stefan can be seen in the pilot episode.

17 September 2009

Stefan Arngrim appears in the first two episodes of Season Two of Fringe on Thursday 17th and 24th September 2009.

27 August 2009

We have added an interview we conducted for Escape Velocity Magazine. Click here to read Ten Questions for Stefan Arngrim.

15 July 2009

Stefan is shooting a recurring role in the second season of "Fringe". Let us know when the second season airs in your region.

22 March 2009

Stefan is lined up to appear as "Roy" in the new series of "V".

2 December 2008

Stefan is writing, producing and appearing with French actress Clare Elliot in a 'dark romantic Fairy Tale', set in occupied France in 1945.

22nd May 2008

A close friend of Stefan's, Larry Jess Petersen passed away at Cedars Sinai in LA during the evening of Thursday 22nd of May.

Jess was a key player in Stefan's career, as well as his sister Alison's, and was a very good friend and will be sorely missed. Stefan will be writing an obituary in the coming days in remembrance of his friend.