Film: Year: Role:
"Call of the Wild 2000" 2000, as John Thornton. TV Series on Animal Planet
Total Recall 2070: "Meet My Maker" 1999, as Richard Collector
Tribulation (aka Apocalypse III-Tribulation) 1999, as Franco Macaluso
"Question of Privilege" 1999
Total Recall 2070
"Machine Dreams" 1999, as Richard Collector
"Revelation" (aka 'Apocalypse II: Revelation') 1999, as Franco Macaluso
"The Secret Pact" 1999, as Patton
"Jack of Hearts" 1999
"Captured" 1999, as Holden Downs
"Harlequin's Loving Evangeline" 1999, as Robert Cannon
"Matter of Trust" 1999, as Peter
"Red River" 1998
"Death By Dawn" 1998
"Against the Law" 1998, as John Shepard
SHOWTIME's The Hunger "Anais" 1998, as George Raines
"Loyal Opposition: Terror in the White House"(TV) 1998, as General Metzger
"Perfect Assassins" (TV) 1998, as Dr. Samuel Greely
Eerie, Indiana: The Other Diminsion
"The Goody Two-Shoes People" 1998, as Mr. Stepford
"Sealed With a Kiss" 1997, as Barry Kuda
"Laws of Deception" 1997/98, as Mather
"Misbegotten" 1997, as Paul Bourke
"The Invader" 1997, as Willard
"Twists of Terror" (aka "Primal Scream") 1997, as Crenshaw
"Provocateur" 1997, as Toynbey Bates
"Let Me Call You Sweetheart" 1997
"Marquis de Sade" 10/19/96, as Marquis de Sade
"A Tangled Web" 11/13/96, as Matt Harding
"Once You Meet a Stranger" 9/25/96
The Outer Limits: "Resurrection" 1/14/96, as Martin GX21 (the android)
Poltergeist, The Legacy: "Town Without Pity" 5/3/96, as Reverend Abraham Hawkings
"Past Perfect" 10/11/96, as John Stone
"The Ex" 1996, as David Kenyon
"The Takeover", as Vilochi
"Suspicious Agenda" 6/18/95, as Jimmy Davane
"Young Ivanhoe" 1995, as De Bourget
"A Young Conneticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" 1995, as King Authur
"Flinch" 1994 Miles
"Wild Palms" 1993, as Tully Woiwode
"For the Love of Aaron" 1993/CBS, as Stuart
"Message from Nam" 10/17/93, as Quinn
"Under Siege" 1992, as Tom Breaker
"Under Siege 2" 1995, as Tom Breaker
"Rapid Fire" 1992, as Tony Serrano
"Somebody's Daughter" 1992, as Noah Cannan
"Double Identity" 1991, as Paul Flemming
"Vedetta" (aka "A Family Matter") 1991, as Danny LaManna
"Lies Before Kisses" 1991/TVM, as Sonny Vincient
"Fatal Exposure" 1991/TVM, as Stone
"Lena's Holiday" 1991, as Corey Flynn
"Burning Bridges" 1990/ABC, as Peter Hollinger
"The Lover"(aka "Milena") 1991, as Jaromir
"Last Train Home" 1990/TVM, as Sam Steele
"Tiger Warsaw" 1988, as Reunion friend
"La Travestie" 1988, as Paul Flemming
"King of Love" 1987, as Worthington Hawke
"Half a Lifetime" 1986 Toby
"Stingray" (pilot) 1985/NBC, as Stingray
"Death of an Angel" 1985, as Father Angel
"Embassy" 1985/TVM, as Harry Brackett
"La Nuit Magique" ("Night Magic") 1985, as Michael
Ray Bradbury Trilogy:"The Crowd" 1985, as Spallner
"Blame It On the Night" 1984, as Chris Dalton
"Heartbreakers" 1984, as Eli Kahn
"Tell Me That You Love Me" 1984, as David
"Parole et Musique" 1984, as Peter Marker
("Love Songs")
"Feel the Heat" 1983/TVM, as Andy Thorn
"Desparate Intruder" 1983/TVM, as Mike
"Marie Chapdelaine" 1982, as Francois Paradis
"Legend of Walks Far Woman" 1982/TVM, as Horses Ghost
"Mother Lode" 1982, as Jean Dupre
"Ticket to Heaven" 1981, as David Kappell
"Scruples" 1980/TVM, as Vito Orsini
"House on Garibaldi Street" 1979, as Ari
"Deathship" 1979, as Nick
"Nightwing" 1979, as Youngman Duran
"Dr. Scorpion" 1978/TVM, as John Shackelford
"Paradise Lost" 1976, as Kewpie
"A Sweeter Song: Manuel
"A Thousand Moons", as Willie
"Private Sector" (never aired) Mike Kusenko
"Feds" (never aired)

"Stingray" 1986-87, as Stingray
"Matrix" 1993-USA, as Steven Matrix
"Mysterious Forces Beyond" 1994 (Host of series)

Toronto Trilogy: "Streetwise" (Lead Role)
Hitchhiker Series: "Fading Away" (Lead Role)
"Unit Four" 1981, as Max Catlin
"The Great Detective", as Jack Loash
Sidestreet:"Wife Beater", as Mr. West
"Rape", as Bob Williams
"Police Surgeon"
"Shack" 1981
Performance: "Red Emma", as Alexander Berkman
Performance: "Six War Years", as Hunky
True North: "Tom Thompson", as Harris
Italian in Action (Principal Role)

"Night of the Iguana" Shannon
"Tiger Tail Silva
"Strong Man's Weak Child" 1991

"The Merchant of Venice", as Bassanio
"Anthony and Cleopatra", as Deacretes
"A Midsummer Night's Dream", as Lysander
"A Streetcar Named Desire", as Stanley
"Underground", as Gerry
"Endgame", as Clov
"The Native", as Nutka

"Ideas" (Principal Role)

1982 Genie Award for "BEST ACTOR" for "Ticket to Heaven"