Willie Aames

Willie Aames starred as the older son, Fred, in Irwin Allen's Swiss Family Robinson. He went on to become a teen pin-up in the 1970's and 1980's.


Runaway on Rogue River (TVM, as Jeff Peterson)   1974 
Doctor Dan (TVM, as Adam Morgan)   1974 
Unwed Father (TVM, as Gum)   1974 
The Family Nobody Wanted (TVM, as Donny)   1975 
All-Star Look at TV's Prime Time Wars (TVM, as Himself)   1980 
Zapped! (as Peyton Nichols)   1982 
Paradise (as David)   1982 
Scavenger Hunt (as Kenny Stevens)   1979 
The Tom Swift and Linda Craig Mystery Hour (TVM, as Tom Swift)   1983 
Goma-2 (as Tony)   1984 
Cut and Run (as Tommy Allo)   1985 
Eight Is Enough: A Family Reunion (TVM, as Tommy Bradford)   1987 
An Eight Is Enough Wedding (TVM, as Tommy Bradford)   1989 
Visual Bible for Kids (TVM)   1998 
The Missy Files (Actor, director and writer)   2003 
Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (as Himself)   2003 


Wait Till Your Father Gets Home: Mama's Identity (as voice for Jamie Boyle in animated series)  1972 
Lives of Ben Franklin (TV mini-series, as Benjamin Franklin aged 12 years old)   1974 
Swiss Family Robinson (as Fred Robinson)   1975 
We'll Get By (as Kenny Platt)   1975 
Eight Is Enough (as Tommy Bradford)   1977 
The Edge of Night (as Robbie Hamlin)   1983 
Dungeons & Dragons (as voice of Hank the Ranger in animated series)   1983-85
Charles in Charge (as Buddy Lembeck)   1984-1990 
Bible Man (as Bibleman and also director, writer, and producer)   1996-2004 
Family Feud (several episodes on 'Eight Is Enough' team)   1996-2004 
Hollywood Squares (several episodes, as Himself)   1987, 2003 
Bugtime Adventures (as Narrator)   2006 
Celebrity Fit Club (as Himself)   2008 


Gunsmoke 'P.S. Murry Christmas' (as Tom)   1971 
Medical Center 'The Nowhere Child' (as Eric)   1971 
The Odd Couple 'Win One for Felix' (as Leonard)   1971 
Adam-12 'Extortion' (as Little Boy)   1971 
The Courtship of Eddie's Father 'To Catch a Thief' (as Scott)   1971 
The Courtship of Eddie's Father 'Time for a Change' (as Harold O'Brien)   1972 
Cannon 'A Flight of Hawks' (as Macklin Boy)   1972 
The Courtship of Eddie's Father 'In the Eye of the Beholder' (as Harold O'Brien)   1972 
The Courtship of Eddie's Father 'The Karate Story' (as Harold O'Brien)   1972 
Adam's Rib 'Katey at the Bat' (as Boy)   1973 
Gunsmoke 'A Quiet Day in Dodge' (as Andy)  1973 
Wide World Mystery 'Frankenstein' (as William Frankenstein)   1973 
Adam-12 'Credit Risk' (as Billy Ray)   1974 
The Wonderful World of Disney 'Runaway on the Rogue River' (as Jeff Peterson)   1974 
Medical Center 'The Enemies' (as Jeff)   1974 
ABC Afterschool Specials 'Pssst! Hammerman's After You!'  1974 
Medical Center 'Torment'  1975 
The Waltons: The Beguiled' (as Danny Comley)   1975 
Family 'Jury Duty' (as T.J. Latimer)  1976 
Rich Man, Poor Man - Book II 'Chapter I' (as Young Wesley Jordache)   1976 
Family 'Labors of Love' (as T.J. Latimer)   1977 
Family 'Change of Heart' (as T.J. Latimer)   1977 
Family 'The First Time' (as T.J. Latimer)   1977 
Family 'Best Friends' (as T.J. Latimer)   1977 
Little House on the Prairie 'Injun Kid' (as Seth)   1977 
Family Feud 'Eight Is Enough vs. Family' (as Himself)   1978 
Battle of the Network Stars VII (as Himself for the ABC Team)  1979 
Battle of the Network Stars IX (as Himself for the ABC Team)  1980 
The Love Boat 'The Audition/The Groupies/Doc's Nephew' (as Danny in 'Doc's Nephew')   1982 
Circus of the Stars #10 (as Himself)  1985 
Blacke's Magic 'The Revenge of the Esperanza' (as Eric Wilson)   1986 
Circus of the Stars #14 (as Himself)   1989 
Win, Lose or Draw (as Himself)   1989 
E! True Hollywood Story 'Eight Is Enough' (as Himself)   2000 
VH-1 Where Are They Now? 'Kid Stars' (as Himself)   2002 
Child Stars 'Then and Now (as Himself)   2003 
E! True Hollywood Story 'Charles in Charge' (as Himself)   2006 
20 Greatest Celebreality Moments (as Himself)   2006 
1 vs. 100 (as Himself)  2007 
The O'Reilly Factor 'American TV Icon' (as Himself)   2008