Robert Colbert
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Robert Colbert in Maverick



The Caine Mutiny 1955

The Jones Repertoire Theater (Six Plays) 1956

The Little Hut, Portland Repertoire Theater 1957


Bronco 'Night Train To Denver' (as Jack Finlay) 1959

Secret Agent 7 'Prussian Jewel Case' 1959

Bourbon Street Beat

'Secret Of Hyacinth Bayou' 1959

'False Identity' 1960

'Twice Betrayed' (as Jack) 1960

Cheyenne 'Two Trails To Santa Fe' (as Howie Burch) 1960

Sugarfoot 'Blackwater Swamp' 1960

The Alaskans 'White Vengeance' 1960

Bronco 'End Of A Rope' 1960

SurfSide Six

'Deadly Male' (as Gary Dawson) 1960

'The Impractical Joker' 1961

77 Sunset Strip

'Ten Cents A Death' 1960

'Safari' (as Pete Mallon) 1960

'The Attic' (as Kim MacGowan) 1960

'The Man In The Mirror' (as Phil) 1961

'Old Card Sharps Never Die (as Jim Vance) 1961

'The Man In The Crowd' (as R.E Venge) 1961

'Dead As In Dude' (as McHenry) 1963

Hawaiian Eye

'The Kamehameha Cloak' (as Jim Symington) 1960

'Man In A Rage' (as Mike Laszlos) 1961

'A Taste For Money' (as Charles Quinford) 1961

'Kill A Grey Fox' (as Reed Olander Jr) 1961

'Little Miss Rich Witch' (as Silk Simon) 1962

Colt 45

'Attack' 1960

'Showdown At Goldtown' 1960

Maverick (series, as Brent Maverick) 1961

Lawman 'The Locket' 1962

The Roaring Twenties 'Footlights' 1962

Checkmate 'Ride A Wild Horse' 1962

Bus Stop 'Door Without a Key' 1962

The Virginian

'Impasse' 1962

'Return A Stranger' 1964

Thriller 'The Bride Who Died Twice' 1962

Alcoa Premiere 'Impact Of An Execution' 1963

My Favourite Martian 'That Little Old Matchmaker Martin' 1963

Temple Houston 'Thunder Gap' (as Tom Bannister) 1963

Death Valley Days 1964

Twelve O'Clock High

'The Loneliest Place In The World' (as Lt. Col. Frank Bailey) 1965

'Big Brother' (as Lt. Col. Frank Bailey) 1965

The Mayor (Pilot) 1965

Perry Mason

'The Case of The Hasty Honeymooner'(as Asst. D.A. F.A. Carl Snell) 1965

'The Case Of The Grinning Gorilla' (as Asst. D.A. F.A Carl Snell) 1965

Bonanza 'The Meredith Smith Story' 1965

The FBI 'Forests Of The Night' 1966

The Time Tunnel (series, as Dr. Doug Phillips) 1966-67

Dream Girl of '67 1967

Hawaii Five-O 'The Big Kahuna' (as George) 1969

That Girl 'Fly Me To The Moon' (as Major Brian James) 1969

Brackens World 1969

Land Of The Giants 'Sabotage' (as Bolgar) 1969


'Who Is Sylvia?' 1970

'Duet For Three' 1970

'A Choice Of Evils' 1971

'A Walk In Shadows' 1972

Mission: Impossible 'Bag Woman' (as Harry Fife) 1971

O'Hara U.S. Treasury 'Operation: Spread' (as Alan Brice) 1971

Alias Smith And Jones 'Twenty One Days To Tenstrike'(as Bud) 1972

The New Temperatures Rising 1973

The Young And The Restless (series, as Stuart Brooks) 1973-83

Archer 'Shades of Blue' 1975

Quincy M.E.

'Accomplice To Murder' 1978

'Gone But Not Forgotten' 1981

50/50 1980's

Knight Rider 'Mouth Of The Snake/'All That Glitters'(Pilot, as Elton Matthews) 1984

Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer 'Cold Target' 1984

Simon And Simon 'Simon Without Simon' 1985

Crazy Like A Fox 'Murder Is A Two-Stroke Penalty' 1985

Lottery 1986


'City Of Passion' (3 Parts) 1987

'Honorable Profession' 1988

Dallas 'Southfork' 1988

Little Miss Perfect 1989

Foleys Square 1990

Reasonable Doubts 'The Silent Treatment' (as Karl Burnham) 1991

In The Heat Of The Night 1992

Murder, She Wrote 1992

Wings 1992

Frasier 'Guess Who's Coming To Breakfast' (as Tony) 1993


'The Red Knights' (as Cliff Otem) 1994

'Rubber Ducky ' 1995

The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen 1995


Under Fire 1957

Macabre 1958

Joy Ride 1958

Have Rocket, Will Travel 1959

A Fever In The Blood (as Thomas Morely) 1961

Claudelle Inglish (as Rip Guyler) 1961

Great Explorations with John Glenn - Africa (Narrator) 1969

The Lawyer (as Jack Harrison) 1970

City Beneath the Sea (TVM, as Commander Woody Paterson) 1971

The Killer Who Wouldn't Die (TVM, as McDougall) 1976

Scorpion 1986

Amazon Women On The Moon (as Blackie) 1987

I'm Gonna Get You Sucka! (as Farrell) 1988

The Nutty Nut (aka The Nutt House) 1991

The Grand Tour (as Undersecretary) 1992

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