Pat Delaney

Pat Delaney played Lotte Robinson in Irwin Allen's The Swiss Family Robinson.


Zontar: The Thing from Venus (TVM, as Anne Taylor)  1966 
Creature of Destruction (TVM, as Doreena)  1967 
Mars Needs Women (TVM, as Artist Abducted by Martians)  1967 
The Hottest Fourth of July in the History of Brewster County (as Actress)  1967 
Flareup (as Iris)  1969 
Ellery Queen 'Don't Look Behind You' (TVM, as Miss Price)  1971 
Now You See Him, Now You Don't (as Winifred Keesely, Higgins' Secretary)  1972 
Call Holme (TVM, as Cynthia Morganstern)  1972 
J.C. (as Kim McKool)  1972 
Michael O'Hara the Fourth (TVM, as Sectetary #2)  1972 
Charley and the Angel (as Girl in Sadie's Place)  1973 
The Bat People (as Ms. Jax)  1974 
The Mask of Alexander Cross (TVM, as Actress)  1977 
The Great Brain (as Actress)  1978 
The Young Runaways (TVM, as Katherine Phillips)  1978 
House Divided (as Bitsy Blake)  1979 
Hometown USA (as Marilyn)  1979 
Life Flight (as Kelly)  1987 
Separate Lives (as Jane Weiss)  1995 


General Hospital (as Kathleen O'Connor)  1963 
Swiss Family Robinson (as Lotte Robinson)  1975 
Cos (Comedy sketches)  1976 
Days of Our Lives (as Rachel Blake)  1995-96 


The Good Guys 'Credit Won't Buy You Happiness' (as Miss Talbot)  1968 
Here Come the Brides 'A Crying Need' (as Holly)  1968 
I Dream of Jeannie 'Haven't I Seen Me Someplace Before?' (as Girl)  1968 
The Big Valley 'Flight from San Miguel' (as Sarah Mendez)  1969 
Ironside 'If a Body See a Body' (as Sally Carlson)  1971 
Love, American Style 'Love and the Ledge/Love and the See-Through Man/Love and the Television Weekend/Love and the Waterbed' ('Love and the Television Weekend')  1971 
The Courtship of Eddie's Father 'The Encounter Group' (as Harriet)  1971 
Love, American Style 'Love and the Ghost/Love and the Out-of-Town Client/Love and the Secret Habit' (as Tish Wilson in 'Love and the Ghost')  1972 
The Sixth Sense 'Whisper of Evil' (as Alice)  1972 
The Wonderful World of Disney 'Michael O'Hara the Fourth' (as Secretary #2)  1972 
Love, American Style 'Love and the Alibi/Love and the Instant Father/Love and the Lovely Evening/Love and Lover's Lane/Love and the Split-Up' ('Love and the Instant Father')  1972 
The Partners 'Witness for the Execution' (as Lisa)  1972 
Shaft 'Hit-Run' (as Mona)  1973 
The Streets of San Francisco 'Bird of Prey' (as Judy)  1974 
Mannix 'Rage to Kill' (as Grethe)  1974 
Doc Elliot 'The Carrier' (as Mrs. Braden)  1974 
The Rockford Files 'Sleight of Hand' (as Karen Mills)  1975 
ABC Afterschool Specials 'The Horrible Honchos' (as Louise's Mother)  1977 
Charlie's Angels 'Angels in Springtime' (as Ingrid)  1978 
The Wonderful World of Disney 'The Young Runaways' (as Katherine Phillips)  1978 
Barnaby Jones 'Death Is the Punchline' (as Joanne Randall)  1980 
Falcon Crest 'Chameleon Charades' (as Mr. Smith)  1983 
Airwolf 'Where Have All the Children Gone?' (as Stella Grant)  1985 
Simon and Simon 'The Third Eye' (as Woman at Massage Parlor)  1985 
Airwolf 'Dambreakers' (as Estelle Longwood)  1985 
Murder, She Wrote 'No Laughing Murder' (as Ms. Kline)  1987 
Unfabulous 'Book Club' (as Grandma)  2004 
Unfabulous 'The Picture' (as Grandma)  2004 
7th Heaven 'High and Dry' (as Secretary)  2004