Martina Deignan

Martina is best known for her role as Haley Green in Irwin Allen's Code Red.


Ghost (as Rose) 1990
The Long Riders (as Shirley Biggs) 1980


As the World Turns (as Dr. Carol Ann 'Annie' Stewart) 1976-1979
Code Red (as Haley Green) 1981
Santa Barbara (as Jackie Parks) 1985


A Man Called Sloane 'Collision Course' (as Barbara Wilson) 1979
Dallas 'Paternity Suit' (as Debra Johns) 1980
Island Claws (as Lynn) 1980
Madame X (as Elizabeth Reeves, TVM) 1981
Prime Suspect (as Ursula, TVM) 1982
Miss Lonelyhearts (as Betty, TVM) 1983
Blackout (as Pauline, TVM) 1985
Law & Order 'Animal Instinct' (as Sonja Hughes) 1993