Marta Kristen

Attractive, willowy, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, 5' 4" tall, American actress born in Oslo, Norway. Marta was left in an orphanage by her parents when she was two weeks old. An unwanted Norwegian war-waif for four and a half years. In 1948 her picture was sent to Professor and Mrs. Harold Sonderquist of Detroit, Michigan by an Oslo woman, Martha Bentzen. In 1949 she flew alone to New York to meet with her new parents. She entered Farmington Elementary School and as a ten year old in the fourth grade, starred in an original comedy in which she and two other ten year old friends had written. A straight A student and the soloist in the school choir, at the age of 12 Marta studied with the famous Will-O-Way Theatre in Birmingham, Michigan and was cast in 'Peter Pan' and 'Little Women. Later studying drama at the Detroit Civic Theatre. In 1959 the family moved to California where Marta studied at the Santa Monica High School for a year before finishing her night school education at the Hollywood Professional School. Her first break came whilst eating a hamburger when she was approached by producer Jimmy Harris to test for the role of 'Lolita', which eventually went to Sue Lyon. Making her television debut in 1960, she appeared in over a dozen productions and two feature films before landing the role of Judy Robinson in the cult classic 'Lost In Space' series.


Savage Sam 1962
Beach Blanket Bingo 1965
Once (Woman) 1973
Terminal Island 1973
The Gemini Affair 1975
Battle Beyond The Stars 1980
The Living Reed 1996
Lost In Space (Reporter) 1998


Lost In Space (Judy Robinson) 1965-68



The Loretta Young Show 'The Glass Cage' (DEBUT) 1960
Leave It To Beaver 1960
My Three Sons 'Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year' 1960
Alfred Hitchcock Presents 'The Gloating Place' (Marjorie Stone) 1960
Shirley Temple Storybook 1960
Alfred Hitchcock Presents 'Bang You're Dead' 1961
Bus Stop 'A Lion Walks Among Us' 1962
My Three Sons 'Going Steady' 1962
Dr. Kildare 'Four Feet In The Morning, Part One' (Darleen Lander) 1963
The Eleventh Hour 'Four Feet In The Morning, Part Two' (" " ) 1963
The Greatest Show On Earth 'Clancy' 1964
My Three Sons 'A Serious Girl' 1964
Mr. Novak 'The Senior Prom' (Gail Andrews) 1964
Wagon Train 'The Wanda Snow Story' 1964
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. 'The Neptune Affair' 1964
Insight 1971
Mannix 1972
Dr. Pepper's Commercial 1973
Golden Graham Commercials 1975-76
Diet Tab Commercials 1975-76
Sony Commercial 1976
Vaseline Intensive Care Commercial 1978
Project UFO 'The Doll House Incident' (Anita) 1978
Life Insurance Commercial 1979
Remington Steele 'Signed, Steeled And Delivered' 1982
Trapper John M.D. 1982
Family Feud (with June Lockhart, Guy Williams, Angela Cartwright,
Bob May) 1983
Fame 1985
America 1985
Wildside 1985
Our Time 1985
Kelly And Company 1987
Scarecrow And Mrs. King 'Rumors Of My Death' 1987
Lost In Space 25th Anniversary Tribute 1990
People Are Talking 1990
Panic In The Park (Interactive video) 1995
The Fantasy Worlds Of Irwin Allen 1995

Biography courtesy of T. Douglas