Mark Goddard

Mark Goddard - Lost in Space

Handsome, brown-haired, hazel-eyed, 6ft tall American actor born in Lowell, Massachusetts and educated at Holy Cross College in Worcester, Mass. The youngest of five children, he grew up in Scituate, Mass. A top student in high school as well as the captain of the baseball and basketball team. Studying acting at New York's Academy of Dramatic Arts, he landed a co-starring role in 'Johnny Ringo', Robert Taylor's 'The Detectives' and 'Many Happy Returns' before being cast as Major Don West in the cult classic 'Lost In Space' series. During the 1970s and 80s, he worked steadily in a variety of television roles and in 1990 wrote the screenplay for the feature film 'Stepkids'. Later in his career, Mark became a full-time teacher, he and his first wife, Marcia Rogers married in 1961. They had two children, Melissa and Bill. His second wife was actress Susan Anspach. In 1990, Mark married Evelyn Pezzulich and they had a son named John. Mark sadly passed away on 10th October 2023, at the age of 87.


Recoil (TVM) 1960
A Rage To Live 1964
The Monkey's Uncle 1964
The Love-Ins 1967
Play It Again Sam (Cameo) 1972
Death Squad (TVM) 1974
Blue Sunshine 1977
Roller Boogie 1978
Strange Invaders (Cameo) 1983
A Reason To Live (TVM) 1985
Stepkids (Writer Only) 1990
Lost In Space (General) 1998


Johnny Ringo (Deputy Cully) 1959-60
Robert Taylor's The Detectives (Sgt. Chris Ballard) 1960-62
Many Happy Returns (Bob Randall) 1964-65
Lost In Space (Major Don West) 1965-68
Texas 1979-80
One Life To Live 1981-82
The Doctors (Lt. Paul Reed) 1982-83
General Hospital (Derek Berrington) 1984-87
Not So Strictly Speaking (Host) 1990



The Rifleman 'The Raid' 1959
The June Allyson Show 'Surprise Party' 1960
Mystery Show 'Murder Me Nicely' (Peter Montopolis) 1960
The Rebel 'To See The Elephant' 1960
Zane Grey Theatre 'The Mormons' 1960
The Rifleman 'Mark's Rifle' 1962
Maggie Brown (PILOT) (Joe Beckett) 1962
Fair Exchange 'The Lieutenant's Paradise' 1962
Perry Mason 'The Case Of The Potted Planter' (Roy Mooney) 1963
Channing 'The Trouble With Girls' 1963
The Beverly Hillbillies 'The Critter Doctor' (Jim Gardner) 1964
The Bill Dana Show (Paul, Jose's cousin) 1964
Burke's Law 'Who Killed April?' 1964
Perry Mason 'The Case Of The Frustrated Folk Singer (as Lester Crawford) 1964
Gunsmoke 'Journey For Three (Boyd Lambert) 1964
The Fugitive 'Fun And Games And Party Favors' 1965
The Mod Squad 'You Can't Tell The Players Without a Programme' 1968
The Mod Squad 'Call Back Yesterday' 1970
Adam 12 'Log 105: Elegy For a Pig' (Officer Tom Porter) 1970
The Mod Squad 1971
World Wide Mystery 'The Centrefold Murders' 1973
Barnaby Jones 'Dark Legacy' (Mark Halliday) 1974
Petrocelli 'Death Ride' 1975
Petrocelli 'The Lonely Victim' 1975
Barnaby Jones 'Sins Of The Father' 1976
Celebrity Sweepstakes 1976
Switch 'Death Squad' 1976
Switch 'Three For The Money' 1977
The Streets Of San Francisco 'The Cannibals' 1977
Quincy M.E. 'The Two Sides Of The Truth' 1977
The Next Step Beyond 'Sin Of Omission' 1977
Dog And Cat 'Yesterday's Woman' 1977
Barnaby Jones 'A Frame For Murder' 1978
The Next Step Beyond 'Dance With A Ghost' 1978
CB Radio Commercial 1978
Beer Commercial 1979
Benson 'War Stories' 1979
Manaschevity Wine Commercial 1980
B.J. And The Bear 'Siege' 1980
Barnaby Jones 'Killin' Cousins' 1980
Freebie And The Bean 'Tee-Off For Two' 1981
The Fall Guy 'Escape From Devil's Island' (Fred Dole) 1983
The Master 1984
America 1985
L.A. Speedboat Promo 1986
Kelley And Company 1987
Imagination 1990
People Are Talking 1990
The Fantasy Worlds Of Irwin Allen 1995


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Biography courtesy of T. Douglas