Lorne Greene

Born in Canada in 1915, Lorne Green had a distinguished career in radio broadcasting and narration before taking up acting. He is probably best known for his role of Ben Cartwright in the long running series Bonanza. For Irwin Allen fans, he took the helm of the series Code Red. Lorne passed away on 11 September 1987.


Age of Turmoil (as Narrator)  1953
Farewell Oak Street (as Narrator)  1953
Social-Sex Attitudes in Adolescence (as Narrator)  1953
Othello (TVM, as Othello)  1953 
The Silver Chalice (as Saint Peter)  1954
Tight Spot (as Benjamin Costain)  1955
Autumn Leaves (as Mr. Hanson)  1956
The Hard Man (as Rice Martin)  1957
Peyton Place (as Prosecutor)  1957
The Buccaneer (as Mercier)  1958
The Last of the Fast Guns (as Michael O'Reilly)  1958
The Gift of Love (as Grant Allan)  1958
The Trap (as Davis)  1959
Funnyland (TVM, as Himself)  1965 
Waco (as Singer in opening credits)  1966
Talking Pictures (TVM, as Himself)  1968 
People Who Care (as Narrator)  1969
Destiny of a Spy (TVM, as Peter Vanin)  1969 
Swing Out, Sweet Land (TVM, as George Washington)  1970 
Movin' (TVM, as Himself)  1970 
The Harness (TVM, as Peter Randall)  1971 
The Special London Bridge Special - Fiddler on the Roof  1972
Tidal Wave (as Ambassador Warren Richards)  1973
Sandy in Disneyland (TVM, as Himself)  1974 
Rex Harrison Presents Stories of Love (TVM)  1974 
Earthquake (as Sam Royce)  1974
Nevada Smith (TVM, as Jonas Cord)  1975 
Man on the Outside (TVM, as Wade Griffin)  1975 
The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald (TVM, as Matthew Arnold Watson)  1977 
That's Country (as Narrator)  1977
Flight of the Maiden (TVM, as Marshall Cole)  1977 
The Little Brown Burro (TVM, as Storyteller (voice)  1978 
The Bastard (TVM, as Bishop Francis)  1978 
Living Legend: The King of Rock and Roll  1980
Klondike Fever (as Sam Steele)  1980 
A Time for Miracles (TVM, as Bishop John Carroll)  1980 
Code Red (TVM, as Captain Joe Rorchek)  1981 
A Gift of Music: The 200th Anniversary of Los Angeles (TVM, as Host)  1981 
Heidi's Song (as voice of Grandfather)  1982
The Wizard of Oz (as voice of The Wizard)  1982
The Nutcracker: A Fantasy on Ice (TVM, as Narrator)  1983 
The Canadian Conspiracy (TVM, as Himself)  1985 
Vasectomy: A Delicate Matter (as Theo Marshall)  1986
Noah's Ark (Short, as voice of Noah)  1986
The Alamo: Thirteen Days to Glory (TVM, as Gen. Sam Houston)  1987 


Newsmagazine (Documentary, as Narrator)  1952 
Sailor of Fortune (as Capt. Grant 'Mitch' Mitchell)  1955-56
Bonanza (as Ben Cartwright)  1959-73
The World of Animals (Documentary, several episodes as Narrator)  1968 
To the Wild Country (Documentary, as Host)  1972 
Griff (as Wade Griffin)  1973 
Last of the Wild (Documentary, as Host)  1974 
Arthur Hailey's the Moneychangers (mini-series, as George Quartermain)  1976 
Code Red (as Battalion Chief Joe Rorchek)  1981 
Battlestar Galactica (as Commander Adama)  1978-79
Galactica 1980 (as Commander Adama)  1980 
New Wilderness (Documentary, as Host and producer )  1982 


The Philip Morris Playhouse 'Journey to Nowhere'  1953 
Studio One in Hollywood 'Rendezvous'  1953 
Studio One in Hollywood '1984'  1953 
Omnibus 'The Sojourner' (as Ed Bailey)  1953 
Studio One in Hollywood 'The Cliff' (as Dr. Madison West)  1954 
Studio One in Hollywood 'A Handful of Diamonds' (as Frank Leslie)  1954 
Danger 'Experiment with Death'  1954 
You Are There 'William Pitt's Last Speech to Parliament'  1954 
You Are There 'The Fall of Parnell (December 6, 1890)' (as Charles Stewart Parnell)  1954 
You Are There 'The Torment of Beethoven (October 6, 1802)' (as Ludwig van Beethoven)  1955 
The Elgin Hour 'Driftwood' (as Vernon Dyall)  1955 
Studio 57 'Death Dream' (as Gentry Morton)  1955 
Producers' Showcase 'Yellow Jack' (as Gorgas)  1955 
Producers' Showcase 'Wide, Wide World' (as Julius Caesar)  1955 
Kraft Theatre 'Day of Judgment'  1955 
Climax Mystery Theater 'Private Worlds' (as Dr. Charles Saunders)  1955 
The United States Steel Hour 'Survival' (as Dallas)  1956 
The Alcoa Hour 'Key Largo' (as Sheriff Gash)  1956 
Armstrong Circle Theatre 'Flare-Up' (as Angelina)  1956 
Alfred Hitchcock Presents 'Help Wanted' (as Mr. X)  1956 
Studio One in Hollywood 'Twenty-Four Hours' (as Minister of the Interior)  1957 
Producers' Showcase 'Mayerling'  1957 
Playhouse 90 'The Edge of Innocence' (as Lowell Williams)  1957 
Kraft Theatre 'The Medallion'  1957 
Suspicion 'Return from Darkness'  1958 
Shirley Temple's Storybook 'The Little Lame Prince' (as King Bertrand)  1958 
Wagon Train 'The Vivian Carter Story' (as Christopher Webb)  1959 
The Third Man 'The Hollywood Incident'  1959 
The Gale Storm Show 'Jailmates' (as Constable Barnaby)  1959 
Mike Hammer 'Swing Low, Sweet Harriet'  1959 
Mike Hammer 'A Haze on the Lake'  1959 
Bronco 'Prairie Skipper' (as Capt. Amos Carr)  1959 
Cheyenne 'Gold, Glory and Custer - Requiem' (as Colonel Bell)  1960 
Cheyenne 'Gold, Glory and Custer - Prelude' (as Colonel Bell)  1960 
The Errand Boy (as Himself)  1961 
Here's Hollywood (as Himself)  1961 
The Andy Williams Show (as Himself)  1963 
The London Palladium Show (as Himself)  1966 
The Dean Martin Comedy Hour (as Himself)  1968 
Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In (4 episodes, as Himself)  1968 
A Matter of Fat' (as Narrator)   1969 
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (as Himself)  1970 
The Merv Griffin Show (as Himself)  1970 
The Johnny Cash Show (as Himself)  1970 
The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour (as Himself)  1970 
The David Frost Show (as Himself)  1970 
The Andy Williams Show (as Himself)  1970 
Sesame Street (as Himself)  1970 
V.I.P.-Schaukel (as Himself)  1971 
The Andy Williams Show (as Himself)  1971 
Sesame Street (as Himself)  1971 
New York, New York (as Himself)  1971 
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (as Himself)  1972 
The Special London Bridge Special - Fiddler on the Roof  1972 
The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour  1972 
The Electric Company '150' (as Himself)  1972 
Appointment with Destiny 'Showdown at O.K. Corral' (as Narrator)  1972 
Appointment with Destiny 'Cortez and Montezuma: The Conquest of an Empire' (as Narrator)  1972 
Tidal Wave - Ambassador Warren Richards)  1973 
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (as Himself)  1973 
The Electric Company '223' (as Himself)  1973 
The Electric Company '181'  1973 
Appointment with Destiny 'Peary's Race for the North Pole' (as Narrator)  1973 
The Dean Martin Comedy Hour 'Celebrity Roast 'Don Rickles' (as Himself)  1974 
Wings in the Wilderness' (as Narrator)   1975 
The Mike Douglas Show (as Himself)  1977 
The Hollywood Squares (as Himself)  1977 
The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries 'Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula' (as Inspector Hans Stavlin)  1977 
That's Country - Narrator (voice)  1977 
Roots (as John Reynolds)  1977 
Happy Days 'Hollywood 'Part 1' (as Himself)  1977 
Captain Kangaroo (as Himself)  1977 
The Love Boat 'The Wedding 'Carol and Doug's Story/Peter and Alicia's Story/Julie's Story/Buddy and Portia's Story' (as Buddy Bowers)  1979 
Vega$ 'Aloha, You're Dead' (as Emil Remick)  1980 
Pink Lady (as Himself)  1980 
Aloha Paradise 'Alex and Annie/Blue Honeymoon/Another Thing'  1981 
The Love Boat 'Best of Friends, The/Too Many Dads/Love Will Find a Way' (as Buck Hamilton)  1982 
Police Squad! 'A Substantial Gift (The Broken Promise)' (as Himself)  1982 
Reading Rainbow 'Ox-Cart Man' (as Narrator)  1984 
Highway to Heaven 'The Smile in the Third Row' (as Fred Fusco)  1985 


Wings of Youth (Short, as Narrator)   1940 
Front of Steel (as Narrator)   1940 
War Clouds in the Pacific (Short, as Narrator)   1941 
Churchill's Island (Short, as Narrator)   1941 
Battle of Brains (Short, as Narrator)   1941 
Voice of Action (Short, as Narrator)   1942 
The Mask of Nippon (as Narrator)   1942 
Inside Fighting China (Short, as Narrator)   1942 
The War for Men's Minds (Short, as Narrator)   1943 
Fighting Norway (as Narrator)   1943 
Fighting Dutch (Short, as Narrator)   1943 
Trans-Canada Express (Short, as Narrator)   1944 
Train Busters (as Narrator)   1944 
Our Northern Neighbour (Short, as Narrator)   1944 
Look to the North (Short, as Narrator)   1944 
Fighting Sea-Fleas (Short, as Narrator)   1944 
Break-through (Short, as Narrator)   1944 
Ordeal by Ice (Short, as Narrator)   1945 
Gateway to Asia (Short, as Narrator)   1945 
Johnny at the Fair (Short, as Narrator)   1947 
What's on Your Mind (Short, as Narrator)   1948 
Valley of Gold (as Narrator)  1949 
A Capital Plan (Short, as Narrator)   1949 
Eye Witness No. 32 (Short, as Narrator)  1951 
Actuality Specials (as Himself)  1962 
Wildfire! (as Narrator)  1971 
Grierson (as Himself)  1973 
Cycling Through China (as Himself)  1982 
NBC 60th Anniversary Celebration (Documentary, as Himself)  1986