Kevin Hagen as Inspector Kobick in Land of the Giants

Kevin Hagen

Kevin was best known in the Irwin Allen worlds as Inspector Kobick of the S.I.D. in Land of the Giants. He also guest starred in several other Irwin Allen television shows.

Kevin moved to the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon in 1992 but continued to appear in local stage productions in Ashland, Medford and Grants Pass. He performed as a singer in concert and in dinner theaters, appeared as MC and entertainer in both Miss and Mrs. Oregon and Washington beauty pageants, appeared as spokesman and wrote the television and radio commercials for Valley of the Rogue Bank, and presented his original one-man show, A PLAYFUL DOSE OF PRAIRIE WISDOM, throughout the Northwest.

Giants Log was very honoured in 1992 to stay with Kevin and attend a special rehearsal of his concert performance in Ashland and were immensely impressed with his singing voice and performance.

We were deeply saddened when we learned that Kevin had passed away on Saturday 9th July 2005 from cancer. We will forever remember him as the formidable Inspector Kobick.


A message from Kevin Hagen

"In case your resolutions
Never come about
Remember all the good things
Forget the bout with gout.
In spite of countless tragedies
Humanity's disgrace.
Mothers men and children
Praying can't replace.
Remember they are fewer
Each year we persevere
But don't forget the many
For whom we shed a tear."

Acting Credits

Blind Alley (as a policeman)
The Dolly (as Pip)
Desire Under the Elms (as Ephraim)
Life Times 10 (as Ringmaster)
Bus Stop (as Virgil)
Dylan (as Dylan)
Rainmaker (as File and Noah)
Country Girl (as Frank)
Male Animal (as Tommy Turner)
Sabrina Fair (as Linus)
Orpheus Descending (as Jabe)
After the Fall (as Quenton)
The Immoralist (as Moktir)
Enemy of the People (as Dr. Stockman)
Checkhov's Swan Song (as The Actor)
American Folk Ballet (as the Narrator)
Oklahoma (as Judge Andrew Carnes)
West Side Story (Doc)
The Follies (Dimitri Weismann)

An Evening with Kevin: Songs and Stories 1986
Up Close and Personal 1989
A Playful Dose of Prairie Wisdom

Little House on the Prairie (as Doc Baker) 1974-1984
Land of the Giants (9 episodes, as Inspector Dobbs Kobick) 1969-1970
Yancey Derringer (as John Colton, 34 episodes) 1958-1959

Matinee Theatre
Schiltz Playhouse
General Electric Theater
Have Gun Will Travel
M Squad
Wagon Train
Perry Mason
Desilu Playhouse 1958/59
The Rifleman
'Flowers of Evil' (as Arno Lunt) 1960
'The Finger of Fate' (as Spivak) 1960
The Twilight Zone
'Elegy' (as Captain James Webber) 1960
'You Drive' (as Pete Radcliff) 1964
The Untouchables 'Stranglehold' 1961
The Gallent Men 'Ol' Buddy' 1962
Rawhide 'The Long Count' (as Jess Cain) 1962
77 Sunset Strip 'Terror in a Small Town' (as Henry Foster) 1962
Hawaiian Eye 'Gift of Love' (as Brother Love) 1963
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
'The Shape of Doom' (as Dr. Alex Holden) 1965
'Attack' (as Komal) 1967
The Man from U.N.C.L.E
'The See-Paris-and-Die Affair' (as Krolik) 1965
'The Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Rum Affair' (as passenger) 1966
'The 'J' for Judas Affair' (as Darien) 1967
Lost in Space 'His Majesty Smith' (as Alien) 1966
Ironside 'The Monster of Camus Tower' (as Owen Simmons) 1967
Dragnet (aka Badge 714)
The Felony Squad
Mission Impossible
'The Condemned' (as David Webster) 1968
'Illusion' (as Kurt Lom) 1969
'Blast' (as Dave Klinger) 1971
The Time Tunnel
'Revenge of the Gods' (as Greek Sword Leader) 1968
'Secret Weapon' (as McDonnell, Army Intelligence) 1968
'The Death Merchant' (as Confederate Sgt. Maddox) 1968
'Raiders from Outer Space' (as Alien planet leader) 1968
Peyton Place
Wild, Wild West
The Big Valley
The Bold Ones
The Mod Squad
Medical Center (aka. Calling Doctor Gannon)
Harry O 'Forty Reasons to Kill' 1974
Movin' On 1974
Joe Forrester 1975
Police Woman
'Some 38th Parallels' (as Col. T.K. Coner) 1976
'Peace on Us' (as Major Gross) 1978
Fantasy Island 'Ole Island Opry' (as Sam Hatener)
The Dukes of Hazard
General Hospital
Beulah Land (mini-series, as Sheriff Barnes) 1980
The Fall Guy
Amazing Stories 1985
Knot's Landing
Trial By Jury (as Judge Wadsworth) 1989

Weekend of Terror (as Papick) 1970
Vanished 1970
Dead Men Tell No Tales (as Karl) 1971
The Delphi Bureau (as Luke) 1972
San Pedro Bums (pilot, as Mr. McClory) 1976
The Power 1980
Simon and Simon (pilot) 1980
Bonanza, The Next Generation (pilot) 1987

Light in the Forest 1958
Pork Chop Hill 1959
Rider on a Dead Horse 1962
Rio Conchos 1964
Shenandoah 1965
The Pistolero of Red River (as Frank Garrison) 1967
The Learning Tree 1969
The Soul of Nigger Charlie 1973
Gentle Savage (as Ken Shaeffer) 1975
The Hunter 1980