Julie Adams

Born Betty May Adams in Iowa, Julie Adams began her acting career in the late 1940's with several western roles. Amongst her television highlights have been Yancy Derringer (with fellow Irwin Allen star, Kevin Hagen), General Hospital, and Code Red.


The Dalton Gang (as Polly Medford)  1949 
Red, Hot and Blue (as Starlet)  1949 
For Heaven's Sake (as Joe's Mother (scenes deleted)  1950 
Sudden Death (as Ann)  1950 
West of the Brazos (as Ann Greene)  1950 
Colorado Ranger (as Ann Green)  1950 
Crooked River (as Ann Hayden)  1950 
Marshal of Heldorado (as Ann)  1950 
Hostile Country (as Ann Green)  1950 
Bright Victory (as Chris Paterson)  1951 
Hollywood Story (as Sally Rousseau/Amanda Rousseau)  1951 
Horizons West (as Lorna Hardin)  1952 
The Treasure of Lost Canyon (as Myra Wade)  1952 
Bend of the River (as Laura Baile)  1952 
Finders Keepers (as Sue Kipps)  1952 
Wings of the Hawk (as Raquel Noriega)  1953 
The Stand at Apache River (as Valerie Kendrick)  1953 
The Man from the Alamo (as Beth Anders)  1953 
The Mississippi Gambler (as Ann Conant)  1953 
The Lawless Breed (as Rosie)  1953 
Francis Joins the WACS (as Capt. Jane Parker)  1954 
Creature from the Black Lagoon (as Kay Lawrence)  1954 
One Desire (as Judith Watrous)  1955 
The Private War of Major Benson (as Dr. Kay Lambert)  1955 
The Looters (as Sheryl Gregory)  1955 
Six Bridges to Cross (as Ellen Gallagher)  1955 
Away All Boats (as Nadine MacDougall)  1956 
Slim Carter (as Clover Doyle)  1957 
Slaughter on Tenth Avenue (as Daisy 'Dee' Pauley)  1957 
Four Girls in Town (as Kathy Conway)  1957 
Tarawa Beachhead (as Ruth Nelson Campbell)  1958 
The Gunfight at Dodge City (as Pauline Howard)  1959 
Raymie (as Helen)  1960 
The Underwater City (as Dr. Monica Powers)  1962 
Tickle Me (as Vera Radford)  1965 
Valley of Mystery (TVM, as Joan Simon)  1967 
The Trackers (TVM, as Dora Paxton)  1971 
The Last Movie (as Mrs. Anderson)  1971 
Go Ask Alice (TVM, as Dorothy)  1973 
McQ (as Elaine Forrester)  1974 
Psychic Killer (as Dr. Laura Scott)  1975 
The Wild McCullochs (as Hannah McCulloch)  1975 
The Killer Inside Me (as Mother)  1976 
Six Characters in Search of an Author (TVM, as The Mother)  1976 
The Fifth Floor (as Nurse Hannelord)  1978 
Goodbye, Franklin High  1978 
Code Red (TVM, as Ann Rorchek)  1981 
Champions (as Emma Hussey)  1984 
Black Roses (as Mrs. Miller)  1988 
Catchfire (as Martha)  1989 
The Conviction of Kitty Dodds (TVM, as Margaret)  1993 
King B: A Life in the Movies (as Herself)  1993 
Back to the Black Lagoon: A Creature Chronicle (Documentary, as Herself)  2000 
Creature Feature: 50 Years of the Gill-Man (Documentary, as Herself)  2004 
World Trade Center (as Allison's Grandmother)  2006 


Yancy Derringer (as Amanda Eaton)  1958 
General Hospital (as Denise Wilton)  1968 
The Jimmy Stewart Show (as Martha Howard)  1971-72
Code Red (as Ann Rorchek)  1981-82
Capitol (as Paula Denning)  1983-87
Murder, She Wrote (Several episodes as Eve Simpson)  1987-93


Your Show Time 'The Tenor'  1949 
Lux Video Theatre 'Appointment for Love'  1955 
The Colgate Comedy Hour (as Dr. Kay Lambert)  1955 
Studio One in Hollywood 'Circle of Guilt' (as Anne)  1956 
Climax Mystery Theater 'Two Tests for Tuesday' (as Coleen)  1957 
Lux Video Theatre 'Design for November'  1957 
Lux Video Theatre 'Just Across the Street'  1957 
The Loretta Young Show 'Strange Money' (as Milly)  1958 
Goodyear Theatre 'Points Beyond' (as Marion Ewell)  1958 
Zane Grey Theater 'The Tall Shadow' (as Nora Jepson)  1958 
Alfred Hitchcock Presents 'Little White Frock' (as Carol Longsworth)  1958 
Playhouse 90 'The Dungeon' (as Janice Ohringer)  1958 
Zane Grey Theater 'Man of Fear' (as Julie Brand)  1958 
The Loretta Young Show 'The Hidden One' (as Paula McGill)  1958 
The Alaskans 'Doc Booker' (as Clara)  1959 
Alfred Hitchcock Presents 'Dead Weight' (as Peg Valence)  1959 
The Man and the Challenge 'Experiments in Terror' (as Linda Webb)  1959 
Frontier Justice 'Man of Fear' (as Julie Brand)  1959 
Steve Canyon 'Project U.F.O.' (as Amanda Crown)  1959 
77 Sunset Strip 'The Canine Caper' (as Marie La Shelle)  1959 
77 Sunset Strip 'The Fifth Stair' (as Margo Wendice)  1959 
Alcoa Presents 'Epilogue' (as Helen Archer)  1959 
Maverick 'Brasada Spur' (as Belle Morgan)  1959 
Michael Shayne 'This Is It, Michael Shayne' (as Bea)  1960 
Checkmate 'Face in the Window' (as Janet Evans)  1960 
Wrangler 'The Affair with Browning's Woman' (as Eve Browning)  1960 
Markham 'Crash in the Desert'  1960 
Tate 'The Mary Hardin Story' (as Mary Hardin)  1960 
The Rifleman 'Nora' (as Nora Sanford)  1960 
Hawaiian Eye 'Murder, Anyone?' (as Sarah Crane)  1960 
77 Sunset Strip 'Safari' (as Miriam Galbraith)  1960 
Alcoa Theatre 'Minister Accused' (as Betty Fordham)  1960 
Maverick 'The White Widow' (as Wilma White)  1960 
Cheyenne 'Gold, Glory and Custer - Requiem' (as Irene Travers)  1960 
Cheyenne 'Gold, Glory and Custer - Prelude' (as Irene Travers)  1960 
Surfside 6 'Laugh for the lady' (as Julie Owens)  1961 
Outlaws 'Return to New March' (as Juill Ramsur)  1961 
77 Sunset Strip 'Open and Close in One' (as Norma Kellogg)  1961 
Hawaiian Eye 'Robinson Koyoto' (as Gloria Matthews)  1961 
Surfside 6 'Facts on the Fire' (as Merilee Williams)  1961 
Alfred Hitchcock Presents 'Summer Shade' (as Phyllis Kendall)  1961 
Bonanza 'The Courtship' (as Helen Layton)  1961 
Checkmate 'The Someday Man' (as Jean Damion)  1962 
Dr. Kildare 'The Horn of Plenty' (as Ginny Nelson)  1962 
The Dick Powell Theatre '330 Independence SW' (as Robin)  1962 
The Andy Griffith Show 'The County Nurse' (as Mary Simpson)  1962 
Arrest and Trial 'Inquest Into a Bleeding Heart' (as Eleanor)  1963 
Perry Mason 'The Case of the Deadly Verdict' (as Janice Barton)  1963 
Perry Mason 'The Case of the Lover's Leap' (as Valerie Comstock)  1963 
The Gallant Men 'A Taste of Peace' (as Capt. Meg Thorpe)  1963 
Perry Mason 'The Case of the Missing Button' (as Janice Blake)  1964 
Kraft Suspense Theatre 'The Robrioz Ring' (as Ellen Yarnell)  1964 
77 Sunset Strip 'Alimony League' (as Anne Kenzie)  1964 
The Long, Hot Summer 'Bitter Harvest' (as Leona Mills)  1965 
Amos Burke, Secret Agent 'Deadlier Than the Male' (as Carla Cabrial)  1965 
12 O'Clock High 'Big Brother' (as Lt. Betty Russo)  1965 
Perry Mason 'The Case of the Fatal Fortune' (as Patricia L. Kean)  1965 
Kraft Suspense Theatre 'Kill No More' (as Joanne Clay)  1965 
The Big Valley 'Target' (as Edna Wesley)  1966 
The Men from Shiloh 'No Drums, No Trumpets' (as Marian Clay)  1966 
Mannix 'Then the Drink Takes the Man'  1967 
The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. 'The High and the Deadly Affair'  1967 
The Outsider 'One Long-Stemmed American Beauty' (as Laura Carlvic)  1968 
Ironside 'I, the People' (as Norma Howard)  1968 
The Mod Squad 'You Can't Tell the Players Without a Programmer' (as Samantha Semple)  1968 
The Big Valley 'The Emperor of Rice' (as Janet Masters)  1968 
The F.B.I. 'Blood Tie' (as Denise Kriton)  1969 
Marcus Welby, M.D. 'Don't Ignore the Miracles' (as Claire)  1969 
The Doris Day Show 'Married for a Day'  1969 
My Friend Tony 'Voices'  1969 
Dan August 'Epitaph for a Swinger' (as Patricia Fairley)  1970 
The Bold Ones 'The New Doctors 'Killer on the Loose' (as Lynn Craig)  1970 
The Young Lawyers 'And the Walls Came Tumbling Down' (as Alice Graham)  1971 
The Bold Ones 'The New Doctors 'An Absence of Loneliness' (as Lynn Craig)  1971 
Cannon 'Child of Fear' (as Mrs. Lucas)  1972 
The Doris Day Show 'The Press Secretary'  1972 
Rod Serling's Night Gallery 'The Miracle at Camafeo' (as Gay Melcor)  1972 
Mannix 'Little Girl Lost' (as Edie Reynolds)  1973 
Search 'The Clayton Lewis Document' (as Jeanette Lewis)  1973 
The Mod Squad 'Scion of Death'  1973 
Lucas Tanner 'A Matter of Love' (as Mrs. Walker)  1974 
Cannon 'The Wedding March' (as Sylvia Killian)  1975 
Ellery Queen 'The Adventure of Veronica's Veils' (as Jennifer Packard)  1975 
Marcus Welby, M.D. 'An End and a Beginning' (as Lee Morgan)  1975 
Mobile One 'The Pawn'  1975 
The Streets of San Francisco 'Labyrinth' (as Judith)  1975 
Caribe 'The Plastic Connection' (as Millicent Bladell)  1975 
Kolchak 'The Night Stalker 'Mr. R.I.N.G.' (as Mrs. Walker)  1975 
Medical Center 'The Stranger' (as Ellie Wilke)  1976 
Quincy M.E. 'Main Man' (as Mrs. Daniels)  1977 
This Is the Life 'Man in the Middle'  1977 
McMillan & Wife 'Dark Sunrise' (as Dorothy Wininger)  1977 
Greatest Heroes of the Bible 'Moses (as Queen)  1978 
The Incredible Hulk 'Life and Death' (as Ellen)  1978 
The Runaways 'Melinda and the Pinball Wizard' (as Mother)  1978 
Police Woman 'Murder with Pretty People' (as Eleanor Simpson)  1978 
Trapper John, M.D. 'Hot Line' (as Lorrie Malcolm)  1980 
Quincy M.E. 'Honor Thy Elders' (as Sharon Ross)  1980 
Too Close for Comfort 'A Fine Romance' (as Sylvia Walker)  1981 
Vega$ 'Murder by Mirrors' (as Margaret Sorenson)  1981 
Quincy M.E. 'Science for Sale' (as Dr. Chris Winston)  1982 
Cagney & Lacey 'Better Than Equal' (as Helen Granger)  1982 
Too Close for Comfort 'Divorce Chicago Style' (as Sylvia Walker)  1984 
Beverly Hills, 90210 'Twenty Years Ago Today' (as Arlene Beevis)  1993 
Beverly Hills, 90210 'So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye' (as Arlene Beevis)  1993 
Diagnosis Murder 'Hard-Boiled Murder' (as Edie Reynolds Fallon)  1997 
Sliders 'Roads Taken' (as Old Maggie Beckett)  1999 
Melrose Place 'A Fist Full of Secrets' (as Mrs. Damarr)  1999 
Family Law 'Second Chance' (as Bonnie)  2000 
E! True Hollywood Story 'Scream Queens' (as Herself)  2004 
Cold Case 'Static' (as Dottie Mills)  2006 
Lost 'A Tale of Two Cities' (as Amelia)  2006 
CSI 'NY 'Boo' (as Betty Willens)  2007 
Lost 'Missing Pieces 'The Envelope' (as Amelia)  2008