James Darren

Handsome, dark-haired, singer/actor/director born James Ercolani in Philadelphia, P.A. In New York he studied acting with Stella Adler and in 1956 was spotted by influential talent agent Joyce Selznick and was subsequently signed by Columbia Pictures. His recording career began with 'Gidget' in 1959 and in 1961 he had two top ten hits - 'Goodbye Cruel World' and 'Her Royal Majesty'. He starred in Irwin Allen's 'The Time Tunnel' and later appeared in 'T.J. Hooker'. He began directing in the late 1980's. He and his first wife Gloria Terlitzky had a son, James (Jim Moret). He and second wife Evy have sons Christian and Anthony.


Rumble On The Rocks 1956
The Brothers Rico 1957
Operation Mad Ball (as Pvte. Widowskas) 1957
Gunman's Walk 1958
Gidget 1959
The Gene Kruper Story 1959
The Tijuana Story 1959
All The Young Men 1960
Let No Man Write My Epitaph 1960
The Guns Of Navarone 1961
Because They're Young 1961
Gidget Goes Hawaiian 1961
Diamond Head 1963
Gidget Goes To Rome 1963
Under The Yum Yum Tree (title song only) 1963
For Those Who Think Young 1964
The Lively Set 1964
Hey There, It's Yogi Bear 1964
Venus In Furs 1970
City Beneath The Sea (TVM) (as Dr. Talty) 1970
The Lives Of Jenny Dolan (TVM) (as Orlando) 1975
The Boss's Son 1978
Turnover Smith (TVM) (as George Green) 1980
Scruples (TVM) 1981
T.J. Hooker: Blood Sport (TVM) 1986



Werewolf 1987
Stingray 'Night Manoeuvres' 1987
Walker, Texas Ranger 'Storm Warning' 1993
Nowhere Man 'The Incredible Derek' 1995


The Time Tunnel (as Dr. Tony Newman) 1966-67
T. J. Hooker (as Officer Jim Corrigan) 1983-86
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (as Vic Fontaine) 1998-99
Melrose Place (as Tony Marlin) 1999



The Web 'Kill And Run' 1957
The Steve Allen Show 1959
The Donna Reed Show 'April Fool' 1959
The Dick Clark Saturday Night Beechnut Show 1959
The Bob Hope Special 1959
Bob Hope Buick Show 1961
The Donna Reed Show 'One Starry Night' 1961
Here's Hollywood 1961
American Bandstand 1963
American Bandstand 1965
The Flintstones 'Surfin' Fred' (as Jimmy Darrock) 1965
Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea 'The Mechanical Man' (as Omir) 1966
Man From The 25th Century (PILOT) (as Robert Prentice/Tomo) 1968
Love, American Style 'Love And The Monsters' 1971
S.W.A.T. 'The Running Man' (as Wade) 1976
Celebrity Sweepstakes 1976
Police Woman 'Task Force: Cop Killer, Part One' 1976
Police Woman 'Task Force: Cop Killer, Part Two' 1976
The Mike Douglas Show 1976
Police Story 'Stigma' 1977
Baaa Baa Black Sheep 'Show Biz Warrior' (as Lt.Col. Rod Towers) 1977
Feather And Father Gang 'For The Love Of Sheila' 1977
Charlie's Angels 'Circus Of Terror' (as Donald Barzak) 1977
Hawaii Five-O 'Number One With A Bullet, Part One' (as Johnny Munroe) 1978
Hawaii Five-O 'Number One With A Bullet, Part Two' (as Johnny Munroe) 1978
Fantasy Island 'The Victim' (as Duvalle) 1979
Vegas 'Consortium' (as Paul) 1980
Hollywood Squares 1980
The Mike Douglas Show 1980
The Love Boat 'For The Record' 1981
Fantasy Island 'The Searcher' (as Brian Holmes) 1981
Fantasy Island 'Portrait Of A Legend' (as Host) 1981
Fantasy Island 'Sweet Swann' (as Claude) 1982
T. J. Hooker 'King Of The Hill' (as Devil Dan Dank) 1982
One Day At A Time 'The Cruise' 1983
Raven 'Is Someone Crazy Here, Or Is It Me?' 1992
Renegade 'Second Chance' (as Lou Delgado) 1992
The Fantasy Worlds Of Irwin Allen 1995
Silk Stalkings 'Natural Selection: Part 1' 1994
Diagnosis Murder 'Murder Blues' (as Councilman Watson) 1997


Biography courtesy of T. Douglas