Henry Kulky

Born 11 August 1911, in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, USA, Henry became a boxer in his teens and soon turned to wrestling under the name 'Bomber' Kulkovich. He became a champion wrestler in the 1940s. Turning to acting, he appeared in many major movies such as A Star is Born and Compulsion (which also featured Terry Becker), and Fixed Bayonets (which starred Richard Basehart). Henry appeared in the television series The Life of Riley and Hennesey. He is fondly remembered as Chief Curley Jones in television's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. He died 12 February 1965, in Oceanside, California, USA, of a heart attack.


Northwest Outpost/End of the Rainbow) 1947
A Likely Story (as Tremendo) 1947
Calling Northside 777 (as Bartender) 1948
Alias the Champ (as Bomber Kulkovich) 1949
Take Me Out to the Ball Game (as Acrobat) 1949
South Sea Sinner/East of Java (as Bartender) 1949
Mighty Joe Young/Mr. Joseph Young of Africa (as Strongman) 1949
Bandits of El Dorado (as Spade, bartender) 1949
Super-Wolf 1949
Bodyhold (as Mike Kalumbo) 1949
Tarzan's Magic Fountain 1949
Wabash Avenue (as Joe Barton) 1950
Jiggs and Maggie Out West 1950
You Never Can Tell/One Never Knows (as Large Prisoner) 1951
Love Nest (as George Thompson, with Richard Basehart) 1951
Fixed Bayonets (as Vogl) 1951
Force of Arms/A Girl for Joe (as Sgt. Reiser) 1951
The Guy Who Came Back (as Wizard) 1951
The Kid from Amarillo 1951
No Holds Barred (as The Mauler) 1952
Red Skies of Montana/Smoke Jumpers (as Dawson) 1952
What Price Glory? (as Company Cook) 1952
Target Hong Kong (as Dutch Pfeifer) 1952
Aim, Fire, Scoot 1952
The World in His Arms (as Peter) 1952
My Wife's Best Friend (as Pug) 1952
Gobs and Gals 1952
Down Among the Sheltering Palms (as First Sergeant) 1953
Clipped Wings (as Sergeant Broski) 1953
Powder River (as Bartender) 1953
The Glory Brigade (as Smitty) 1953
A Lion Is in the Streets (as Polli's Butler) 1953
The Charge at Feather River (as Smiley) 1953
The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T./Crazy Music (as Stroogo) 1953
Yukon Vengeance (as Schmidt) 1954
Tobor the Great (as Paul) 1954
Phantom of the Rue Morgue (as Maurice, Jacques' friend) 1954
A Star Is Born (as Cuddles) 1954
Fireman Save My Child 1954
The Steel Cage 1954
Hell and High Water 1954
I'll Cry Tomorrow 1955
Prince of Players 1955
Jail Busters (as Marty) 1955
To Hell and Back (as Stack) 1955
New York Confidential 1955
Illegal (as Taylor) 1955
Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops (as Brakeman) 1955
Love Me or Leave Me (as Bouncer) 1955
The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing 1955
Compulsion (as Waiter, with Terry Becker) 1959
Up Periscope (as York) 1959
Guns of the Timberland 1960
All Fall Down (as Sailor) 1962
A Global Affair (as Charlie) 1964


The Life of Riley (as Otto Schmidlap) 1953-58
Hennesey (as Max Bronsky) 1959-62
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (as Chief Curley Jones) 1964-65


Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok 'The Mountain Men' 1951
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok 'The Indians and the Delegates' 1951
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok 'Wrestling Story' 1951
The Abbot and Costello Show 'The Paper Hangers' 1953
I Love Lucy 'Lucy and Bob Hope' 1956
The Thin Man 'The Pre-Incan Caper' 1958
The Red Skelton Show 'Cauliflower and the Fight Fix' 1961
Pete and Gladys 'Hero in the House' 1962
McKeever and the Colonel 'The Army Mule' 1962
Our Man Higgins 'The Manchester Minstrel' 1963
The Donna Reed Show 'It Grows on Trees' 1963
Grindl 'The Gruesome Basement' 1963