Helen Hunt

Since appearing in Irwin Allen's Swiss Family Robinson in her teens, Helen Hunt has become a household name for her roles in Mad about You and the movie Twister, as well as her Academy Award winning role in As Good as it Gets.


Pioneer Woman (TVM, as Sarah Sargeant)  1973 
Death Scream (TVM, as Teila Rodriguez)  1975 
All Together Now (TVM, as Susan Lindsay)  1975 
Giving Birth (TVM, as Sharon McNamara)  1976 
Rollercoaster (as Tracy Calder)  1977 
The Spell (TVM, as Kristina Matchett)  1977 
Transplant (TVM, as Janice Hurley)  1979 
Child Bride of Short Creek (TVM, as Naomi)  1981 
The Miracle of Kathy Miller (TVM, as Kathy Miller)  1981 
The Best Little Girl in the World (TVM, as Actress)  1981 
Angel Dusted (TVM, as Lizzie Eaton)  1981 
Weekend (TVM, as Sarah)  1982 
Desperate Lives (TVM, as Sandy Cameron)  1982 
Choices of the Heart (TVM, as Cathy)  1983 
Quarterback Princess (TVM, as Tami Maida)  1983 
Bill 'On His Own (TVM, as Jenny Wells)  1983 
Sweet Revenge (TVM, as Debbie Markham)  1984 
Trancers (as Leena)  1985 
Girls Just Want to Have Fun (as Lynne Stone)  1985 
Waiting to Act (as Tracy)  1985 
The Frog Prince (as Princess Henrietta)  1986 
Peggy Sue Got Married (as Beth Bodell)  1986 
Project X (as Teri)  1987 
The Nativity (as voice of Mary)  1987 
Miles from Home (as Jennifer)  1988 
Shooter (TVM, as Tracey)  1988 
Stealing Home (as Hope Wyatt)  1988 
Incident at Dark River (TVM, as Jesse McCandless)  1989 
Next of Kin (as Jessie Gates)  1989 
Murder in New Hampshire 'The Pamela Wojas Smart Story' (TVM, as Pamela Smart)  1991 
Trancers II (as Lena Deth)  1991 
Into the Badlands (TVM, as Blossom)  1991 
Greatest Adventure Stories from the Bible 'The Easter Story' (Voice-over)  1989 
Trancers III (as Lena)  1992 
Mr. Saturday Night (as Annie Wells)  1992 
Bob Roberts (as Rose Pondell)  1992 
Only You (as Clare Enfield)  1992 
The Waterdance (as Anna)  1992 
In the Company of Darkness (TVM, as Gina Pulasky)  1993 
Sexual Healing (as Rene)  1993 
Kiss of Death (as Bev Kilmartin)  1995 
Twister (as Dr. Jo Harding)  1996 
As Good as It Gets (as Carol Connelly)  1997 
Twelfth Night, or What You Will (TVM, as Viola)  1998 
What Women Want (as Darcy McGuire)  2000 
Cast Away (as Kelly Frears)  2000 
Pay It Forward (as Arlene McKinney)  2000 
Dr T and the Women (as Bree)  2000 
The Curse of the Jade Scorpion (as Betty Ann Fitzgerald)  2001 
A Good Woman (as Mrs. Erlynne)  2004 
Empire Falls (TVM, as Janine Roby)  2005 
Bobby (as Samantha)  2006 
Then She Found Me (as April Epner, also director, producer, and writer)  2007 


Amy Prentiss (several episodes as Jill Prentiss)  1974-75
Swiss Family Robinson (as Helga Wagner)  1975 
The Fitzpatricks (several episodes as Kerry Gerardi)  1977-78
It Takes Two (as Lisa Quinn)  1982 
St. Elsewhere (Several episodes, as Clancy Williams)  1985
The More You Know (as Herself)  1989 
My Life and Times (several episodes as Rebecca Miller)  1991 
Mad About You (as Jamie Stemple Buchman)  1992-99
Late Night with David Letterman (regular appearances as Herself)  1992-
The Rosie O'Donnell Show (several appearances as Herself)  1999-
Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (several appearances as Herself)  2005-
It's Easy Being Green (as Herself)  2008 


Family 'Home Movies' (as Robin Task)  1976 
Ark II 'Omega' (as Diana)  1976 
Family 'We Love You, Miss Jessup' (as Tracey Palmer)  1977 
Mary Tyler Moore 'Murray Ghosts for Ted' (as Laurie Slaughter)  1977 
The Bionic Woman 'Sanctuary Earth' (as Princess Aura)  1978 
Knots Landing 'Hitchhiker' (as Betsy)  1980 
The Facts of Life 'Dope' (as Emily)  1980 
Family 'Hard Times' (as Sandy)  1980 
Darkroom 'The Bogeyman Will Get You' (as Nancy Lawrence)  1981 
CBS Afternoon Playhouse 'I Think I'm Having a Baby' (as Phoebe)  1981 
Knots Landing 'Step One' (as Brenda)  1981 
Battle of the Network Stars XIII (as Herself)  1982 
Gimme a Break! 'An Unmarried Couple' (as Valerie)  1982 
Highway to Heaven 'Thoroughbreds (as Lizzy MacGill)  1985 
Galtar and the Golden Lance (Voice-over)  1985 
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (as Herself)  1987 
The Hitchhiker 'Why Are You Here?' (as Donette)  1987 
American Playhouse 'Land of Little Rain' (as Mary Austin)  1989 
The Trials of Rosie O'Neill 'An Act of Love' (as Bridget Kane)  1990 
Captain Planet and the Planeteers (Voice-over)  1990 
China Beach 'The Thanks of a Grateful Nation' (as Amanda 'Sissy' Simpson)  1990 
The Larry Sanders Show 'The Breakdown (as Herself)  1993 
Saturday Night Live 'Helen Hunt/Snoop Doggy Dogg (as Herself)  1994 
1st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (as Herself)  1995 
Friends 'The One with Two Parts' (as Jamie Buchman)  1995 
Saturday Night Live (as Herself)  1997 
Late Night with Conan O'Brien (as Herself)  1997 
The 69th Annual Academy Awards (as Herself)  1997 
The 52nd Annual Tony Awards (as Herself)  1998 
Ellen 'Ellen 'A Hollywood Tribute (as Herself)  1998 
The 70th Annual Academy Awards (as Herself)  1998 
The Simpsons 'Dumbbell Indemnity (as voice of Renee)  1998 
The 55th Annual Golden Globe Awards (as Herself)  1998 
The 50th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (as Herself)  1998 
Twister 'Ride It Out (as Herself)  1998 
Late Night with Conan O'Brien (as Herself)  1999 
The 71st Annual Academy Awards (as Herself)  1999 
5th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (as Herself)  1999 
The 51st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (as Herself)  1999 
HBO First Look 'The Making of 'Cast Away (as Herself)  2000 
HBO First Look 'The Making of 'Pay It Forward' (as Herself)  2000 
2000 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards (as Herself)  2000 
Inside the Actors Studio (as Herself)  2001 
AFI Life Achievement Award 'A Tribute to Tom Hanks (as Herself)  2002 
The 74th Annual Academy Awards (as Herself)  2002 
The View (as Herself)  2004 
Where Words Prevail (video documentary, as Herself)  2005 
RSC Meets USA 'Working Shakespeare (video, as Herself)  2005 
The View (as Herself)  2006 
Corazón de... (as Herself)  2006 
Living with Ed 'On the Hunt for Lower Electric Bills (as Herself)  2008 
Today (as Herself)  2008 
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (as Herself)  2008 
Live with Regis (as Herself)  2008 
Entertainment Tonight (as Herself)  2008