Guy Williams

Athletic 6' 3" American actor born Armando Catalano in New York City on 14th January 1924. The son of Italian immigrants Attilio and Claire Catalano, he attended grade school in New York and later studied at George Washington High School, receiving his advance education at Peekskill Military Academy. Guy's father had wanted him to become a stockbroker, however he had other ideas and began modelling in New York. Whilst on an assignment he met former Powers model Janice Cooper. The couple soon married and had a son, Steve (born 1952) and later a daughter, Toni (born 1958). In 1952 Guy found television and film work at New York's Neighborhood Playhouse and Studio One. Signed to a Universal contract, he appeared in half a dozen minor roles beginning with 'Bonzo Goes To College'. Badly injured in a horse riding accident, he was left with a long scar on his left shoulder. Discouraged with his career, he returned to New York to continue modelling and acting. Returning to Hollywood in 1957, he landed the starring role in Walt Disney's 'Zorro' series, which made good use of Guy's fencing ability. Following starring roles in three period films, he was signed by Irwin Allen to star as Professor John Robinson in the now classic series 'Lost In Space'. An excellent cook and chess player, he retired to Argentina following the cancellation of the series, returning to the small screen for a memorable episode of 'Family Feud' in 1983. Died from a brain haemorrhage on 7th May 1989.


Bonzo Goes To College 1952
The Golden Blade (Town Crier) 1952
Mississippi Gambler 1953
All I Desire 1953
Take Me To Town 1953
The Man From The Alamo 1953
Sincerely Yours (Dick Cosgrove) 1955
I Was A Teenage Werewolf 1957
The Sign Of Zorro 1958
Zorro The Avenger 1959
Damon And Pythias 1961
The Prince And The Pauper 1962
Captain Sinbad 1963


Walt Disney Presents Zorro (Don Diego de la Vega/Zorro) 1957-59
Lost In Space (Professor John Robinson) 1965-68



Studio One 1952
Suspense Theatre 1952
Hey Mulligan 1954
Cameo Theatre 'The Bending Of The Bough' 1955
Cameo Theatre 'The Star Master' (Young Lieutenant) 1955
Four Star Playhouse 'Trudy' 1955
The Lone Ranger 'Six Gun Artist' 1955
Highway Patrol 1955
Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon 'Generous Hero' 1956
Disneyland Fourth Anniversary Show 1957
Texaco Gasoline Commercial 1959
Here's Hollywood 1961
Bonanza 'Return To Honor' (Will Cartwright) 1964
Bonanza 'The Pressure Game' (Will Cartwright) 1964 Bonanza 'The Roper' (Will Cartwright) 1964
Bonanza 'The Companeros' (Will Cartwright) 1964
Bonanza 'Triangle' (Will Cartwright) 1964
You Don't Say 1966
The Woody Woodbury Show 1968
Jerry Lewis Telethon 1973
Family Feud 1983
Good Morning America 1983


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Biography courtesy of T. Douglas