Cameron Mitchell

Cameron Mitchell is best know by Irwin Allen audiences for his role as Jeremiah Worth in Swiss Family Robinson. He also graced the Irwin Allen worlds in the television movies Flood and Hanging by a Thread, plus the buzzing Swarm. However, he had a celebrated career long before he caught Irwin Allen's eye, most famously in the delightful musical Carousel and The High Chaparral.


They Were Expendable (as Ens. George Cross)  1945
What Next, Corporal Hargrove? (as Joe Lupot)  1945
The Last Installment (as Clyde Peeler/Narrator)  1945
A Letter for Evie (as Joe, Wounded Soldier)  1946
Cass Timberlane (as Eino Roskinen)  1947
High Barbaree (as Lt. Joe Moore)  1947
The Mighty McGurk (as Johnny Burden)  1947
Command Decision (as Lt. Ansel Goldberg)  1948
Leather Gloves (as Dave Collins)  1948
Homecoming (as 'Monk' Monkevickz)  1948
Tenth Avenue Angel (as Narrator)  1948
Adventures of Gallant Bess (as Ted Daniels)  1948
Death of a Salesman (as Happy Loman)  1951
Man in the Saddle (as George Vird)  1951
Flight to Mars (as Steve Abbott)  1951
Smuggler's Gold (as Mike Sloan)  1951
Pony Soldier (as Konah)  1952
Miserables, Les (as Marius)  1952
The Sellout (as Randloph 'Randy' Stauton)  1952
The Outcasts of Poker Flat (as Ryker)  1952
Okinawa (as 'Grip' McCleary)  1952
Japanese War Bride (as Art Sterling)  1952
How to Marry a Millionaire (as Tom Brookman)  1953
The Robe (as voice of Jesus Christ)  1953
Powder River (as Mitch Hardin)  1953
Man on a Tightrope (as Joe Vosdek)  1953
Desirée (as Joseph Bonaparte)  1954
Garden of Evil (as Luke Daly)  1954
Gorilla at Large (as Joey Matthews)  1954
Hell and High Water (as 'Ski' Brodski, sonar operator)  1954
The View from Pompey's Head (as Michael "Mickey"/"Mico" Higgins)  1955
The Tall Men (as Clint Allison)  1955
House of Bamboo (as Griff)  1955
Love Me or Leave Me (as Johnny Alderman)  1955
Strange Lady in Town (as Lt. David Garth)  1955
Tension at Table Rock (as Sheriff Fred Miller)  1956
Carousel (as Jigger Craigin)  1956
No Down Payment (as Troy Boone)  1957
Escapade in Japan (as Dick Saunders)  1957
Monkey on My Back (as Barney Ross)  1957
All Mine to Give (as Robert)  1957
As the Sea Rages (as Psarathanas)  1959
Pier 5, Havana (as Steve Daggett)  1959
Inside the Mafia (as Tony Ledo)  1959
Face of Fire (as Ned Trescott)  1959
Three Came to Kill (as Marty Brill)  1960
The Unstoppable Man (as James Kennedy)  1960
Erik the Conqueror (as Eron)  1961
The Last of the Vikings (as Harald)  1961
Attack of the Normans (as Wilfred, Duke of Saxony)  1962
Caesar the Conqueror (as Julius Caesar)  1962
Girl from La Mancha (as Priest)  1963
The Black Duke (as Cesare Borgia)  1963
Dog Eat Dog (as Lylle Corbett)  1964
Blood and Black Lace (as Max Marian)  1964
Last Gun (as Bill/Jim Hart)  1964
Minnesota Clay (as Minnesota Clay)  1965
Ride in the Whirlwind (as Vern)  1965
Coltelli del vendicatore, I (as Rurik/Helmut)  1966
In the Shadow of the Eagles (as Tribune Marcus Ventidius)  1966
Tesoro de Makuba, El (as Coogan)  1967
Hombre (as Frank Braden)  1967
Island of the Doomed (as Baron von Weser)  1967
Massacre in the Black Forest (as Consul Aulus Sessina)  1967
Autopsia de un fantasma (as Prof. Moleculo Pulido)  1968
Nightmare in Wax (as Vincent Renard)  1969
The Rebel Rousers (as Paul Collier)  1970
Eye for an Eye (as Huck)  1971
Slaughter (as A.W. Price)  1972
Buck and the Preacher (as Deshay)  1972
Control Factor (as Bruno Carstens)  1972
The Other Side of the Wind (as Matt)  1972
Medusa (as Angelo)  1973
The Klansman (as Butt Cutt Cates)  1974
The Midnight Man (as Quartz)  1974
Political Asylum (as MacPherson)  1975
Haunts (as Carl)  1977
Viva Knievel! (as Barton)  1977
The Swarm (as General Thompson)  1978
Texas Detour (as John Hunter)  1978
The Toolbox Murders (as Vance Kingsley)  1978
Ninja Assassins  1978
Slavers (as Da Silva)  1978
Screamers (as Decker)  1979
The Demon (as Col. Bill Carson)  1979
Supersonic Man (as Dr. Gulik)  1979
Without Warning (as The Father)  1980
The Silent Scream (as Lt. Sandy McGiver)  1980
Captive  1980
Cataclysm (as Lt. Sterne)  1980
The Last Reunion  1980
Texas Lightning (as Karl Stover)  1981
Frankenstein Island (as Clay Jayson)  1981
The Guns and the Fury  1981
Blood Link (as Bud Waldo)  1982
My Favorite Year (as Karl Rojeck)  1982
Kung Fu Cannibals (as Captain Harry Dodds)  1982
Kill Squad (as Dutch)  1982
Dixie Ray Hollywood Star (as The Lieutenant)  1983
Killpoint (as Joe Marks)  1984
Go for the Gold  1984
Prince Jack (as Gen. Edwin Walker)  1985
Night Train to Terror (as The Lieutenant)  1985
The Messenger (as Police Captain Carter)  1986
The Tomb (as Dr. Howard Phillips)  1986
Low Blow (as Yarakunda)  1986
The Mission... Kill (as Harry)  1987
From a Whisper to a Scream (as Sergeant Gallen)  1987
Hateman (as Steve)  1987
Nightforce (as Senator Adam Hansen)  1987
Rage to Kill (as Sergeant Miller)  1987
Terror Night (as Detective Sanders)  1987
Deadly Prey (as Jamie's Father)  1988
Hollywood Cop (as Captain Bonano)  1988
Memorial Valley Massacre (as Allen Sangster)  1988
Space Mutiny (as Cmdr. Alex Jansen)  1988
Action U.S.A. (as Frankie Navarro)  1989
Code Name Vengeance (as Dutch)  1989
Crossing the Line (as Sheriff Williams)  1989
Easy Kill (as Eddie)  1989
No Justice (as Mayor Johnson)  1989
Return to Justice (as Wayne, the pilot)  1989
Demon Cop  1990
Terror in Beverly Hills (as Capt. Stills)  1991
Trapped Alive (as John Adams)  1993
Jack-O (as Dr. Cadaver)  1995


The Beachcomber 'Paradise Lost' (as John Lackland/Narrator)  1962
The High Chaparral (as Buck Cannon)  1967-71
Swiss Family Robinson (as Jeremiah Worth)  1975 
Testimony of Two Men (mini-series, as Jeremiah Hadley)  1977 
How the West Was Won (mini-series, as Coulee John Brinkerhoff)  1978 
Black Beauty (mini-series, as Henry Gordon)  1978 
Wild Times (mini-series, as Harry Dreier)  1980 
Dream West (mini-series, as Cmmdre. Robert Stockton)  1986 


Repertory Theatre 'The Old Lady Shows Her Medals'  1948 
Gruen Guild Theater 'Return to Vienna'  1951 
Stars Over Hollywood 'The Kirbys'  1951 
Stars Over Hollywood 'Prison Doctor'  1951 
The 20th Century-Fox Hour 'Man on the Ledge' (as Robert Cosick)  1955 
The 20th Century-Fox Hour 'The Ox-Bow Incident'  1955 
The United States Steel Hour 'Command' (as Captain Dan Murrell)  1956 
Studio One in Hollywood 'Johnny August' (as Johnny August)  1956 
Climax Mystery Theater 'The Prowler'  1956 
Climax Mystery Theater 'Payment for Judas'  1957 
Pursuit 'The Last Night in August' (as Cop)  1958 
Colt 45 'Point of Honor' (as Dr. Alan McMurdo)  1958 
Zane Grey Theater 'The Doctor Keeps a Promise' (as Dr. Allan McMurdo)  1958 
Kraft Theatre 'Dog in a Bus Tunnel'  1958 
The United States Steel Hour 'The Bromley Touch' (as Don Bromley)  1958 
Studio One in Hollywood 'The Brotherhood of the Bell' (as James Waterson)  1958 
Zane Grey Theater 'The Grubstake' (as Jim Goad)  1959 
The Untouchables 'Ain't We Got Fun' (as Johnny Paycheck)  1959 
Wagon Train 'The Duke LeMay Story' (as Duke LeMay)  1959 
The David Niven Show 'Fortune's Folly' (as Hal Shattuck)  1959 
Zane Grey Theater 'Trail Incident' (as Charlie Patch)  1959 
Death Valley Days 'Pete Kitchen's Wedding' (as Pete Kitchen)  1960 
Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse 'Meeting at Appalachia' (as Gino Rospond)  1960 
Bonanza 'A House Divided' (as Frederick Kyle)  1960 
Goodyear Theatre 'Omaha Beach Plus 15' (as Larry Morris)  1960 
Alcoa Premiere 'Omaha Beach Plus 15' (as Larry Morris)  1962 
Daniel Boone 'The Loser's Race' (as James Dorsey)  1966 
Court Martial 'Where There Was No Echo' (as General Purdy)  1966 
Daniel Boone 'The Fifth Man' (as George 'Catahecassa' Rogers Clark)  1966 
Premiere 'Lassiter' (as Stan Marchek)  1968 
The Andersonville Trial (TVM, as Gen. Lew Wallace)  1970 
The F.B.I. 'Bitter Harbor'  1971 
McCloud 'Somebody's Out to Get Jennie' (as Robert Devlin)  1971 
The Reluctant Heroes (TVM, as Sgt. Marion Bryce)  1971 
Cade's County 'Gray Wolf' (as John Gray Wolf)  1971 
Thief (TVM, as Charles Herrod)  1971 
The Mod Squad 'Home Is the Streets'  1971 
This Is Your Life 'Shirley Jones' (as Himself)  1971 
Rod Serling's Night Gallery 'Finnegan's Flight' (as Pete Tuttle)  1972 
Ironside 'Buddy, Can You Spare a Life?' (as Kent)  1972 
McMillan & Wife 'The Night of the Wizard' (as Harry Hastings)  1972 
The Rookies (TVM, as Sniper)  1972 
The Delphi Bureau (TVM, as Stokley)  1972 
Alias Smith and Jones 'Which Way to the O.K. Corral?' (as Wyatt Earp)  1972 
The Movie Game (as Himself)  1972 
Cutter (TVM, as Riggs)  1972 
The Bold Ones 'The New Doctors 'Short Flight to a Distant Star' (as Mike)  1972 
Rod Serling's Night Gallery 'Green Fingers' (as Michael J. Saunders)  1972 
Police Story 'Line of Fire' (as Arnie Holcombe)  1973 
Ironside 'The Helping Hand' (as Graham)  1973 
The Magician 'Illusion in Terror' (as Walter C. March/Canfield)  1973 
Hawkins 'Murder in Movieland' (as Jake Parkins)  1973 
Escape 'The Wilderness' (as Sergeant Nordlaw)  1973 
Search 'The Mattson Papers' (as Chief Garrod)  1973 
The Stranger (TVM, as George Benedict)  1973 
Jigsaw 'Kiss the Dream Goodbye'  1973 
Assignment Vienna 'So Long, Charlie' (as Charley Stokes)  1973 
Mission 'Impossible 'The Fountain' (as Matthew Drake)  1973 
Amy Prentiss 'The Desperate World of Jane Doe'  1974 
Hawaii Five-O 'Welcome to Our Branch Office' (as Jeffrey Bowman)  1974 
Nakia 'A Beginning in the Wilderness'  1974 
Petrocelli 'Death in High Places' (as Sheriff Bates)  1974 
Gunsmoke 'The Iron Men' (as Chauncey Demon)  1974 
Medical Center 'The Shattered Mask' (as Tom Kravitz)  1974 
Ironside 'What's New with Mark?' (as Kincaid)  1974 
Death in Space (TVM)  1974 
The Girl on the Late, Late Show (TVM, as Norman Wilder)  1974 
The Hanged Man (TVM, as Lew Halleck)  1974 
Hitchhike! (TVM, as Hadley)  1974 
Medical Center 'No Escape' (as Jennings)  1974 
S.W.A.T. 'Jungle War' (as Bo Pritchard)  1975 
Cannon 'The Investigator' (as Peter DeAlba)  1975 
Death 'The Ultimate Mystery (documentary) (as Narrator)  1975 
Flood! (TVM, as Sam Adams)  1976 
The Quest 'Seventy-Two Hours' (as Marshal Horne)  1976 
The Quest (TVM, as Shadrack Peltzer)  1976 
Bronk 'The Vigilante' (as Mankowski)  1976 
Quincy M.E. 'Last of the Dinosaurs' (as Dan Granger)  1977 
Police Story 'Stigma'  1977 
The Alan Hamel Show (as Himself)  1977 
The Hostage Heart (TVM, as Arnold Stade)  1977 
Hunter 'U.F.M. 13'  1977 
Greatest Heroes of the Bible 'Joshua and the Battle of Jericho' (as Assurabi)  1978 
Vega$ 'Lady Ice' (as Willie 'Sparrow' Salter)  1978 
Sword of Justice 'The Gemini Connection' (as Radick)  1978 
Flying High 'A Hairy Yak Plays Musical Chairs Eagerly' (as Peter)  1978 
Project Blue Book 'Sighting 4016 'The Pipeline Incident' (as Donald Worth)  1978 
Fantasy Island 'Big Dipper/The Pirate' (as Sgt. Broylan)  1978 
The Bastard (TVM, as Capt. Plummer)  1978 
Fantasy Island II (TVM, as Raoul)  1978 
Lucan 'The Lost Boy' (as Tilford Ames)  1978 
The Scalp Merchant (TVM)  1978 
Matt and Jenny 'The Bellinis' (as Bellini)  1979 
Fantasy Island 'The Chain Gang/The Boss' (as Eddie Collins)  1979 
Charlie's Angels 'Avenging Angel' (as Frank Desmond)  1979 
Hanging by a Thread (TVM, as Lawton)  1979 
Hawaii Five-O 'A Very Personal Matter' (as Tom Riordan)  1979 
Charlie's Angels 'To See an Angel Die' (as Tom Grainger)  1980 
The Littlest Hobo 'The Hunt' (as Carl)  1980 
Turnover Smith (TVM, as Colonel Simmons)  1980 
Vega$ 'Siege of the Desert Inn' (as Zinberg)  1980 
Kate Columbo 'Love, on Instant Replay'  1980 
OHMS (TVM, as Wilbur)  1980 
Fantasy Island 'Devil and Mr. Roarke/Ziegfeld Girls/Kid Corey Rides Again' (as Sheriff Matt)  1981 
Magnum, P.I. 'Adelaide' (as Captain Charles Cathcart, USN Retired)  1981 
The Incredible Hulk 'Goodbye, Eddie Cain' (as Eddie Cain)  1981 
The Perfect Woman (TVM)  1981 
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers 'Dreams' (as Ben Shepherd)  1982 
Matt Houston 'The Good Doctor'  1982 
Kenny Rogers as The Gambler: The Adventure Continues (TVM, as Col. Greeley)  1983 
Terror on Tape (Documentary, as Video Store Clerk)  1983 
The Fall Guy 'Private Eyes' (as Bronc Munson)  1984 
Partners in Crime 'Duke' (as Duke)  1984 
Hardcastle and McCormick 'The Homecoming (as Mayor Broadmore)  1984 
Knight Rider 'Diamonds Aren't a Girl's Best Friend' (as Bernie Mitchell)  1984 
Murder, She Wrote 'Murder to a Jazz Beat' (as Dr. Aaron Kramer)  1985 
Simon & Simon 'Something for Sarah' (as Ben Coffield)  1986 
Matlock 'The Network' (as Lane Lockletter)  1987 
Cult People (Documentary, as Himself)  1989