Andrew Stevens

Andrew Stevens is the young lead in Irwin Allen's Code Red and his mother is none other than Stella Stevens, star of Irwin Allen's The Poseidon Adventure. Not only does Andrew have an extensive list of acting roles behind him but is also well known for his role of writer, producer and director of many productions.


Las Vegas Lady (as Denny)   1975 
Shampoo (as Boy #2 wearing Towel)   1975 
The Last Survivors (TVM, as Checkerman)   1975 
The Werewolf of Woodstock (TVM, as Dave)   1975 
Massacre at Central High (as Mark)   1976 
Vigilante Force (as Paul Sinton)   1976 
The Oregon Trail (TVM, as Andrew Thorpe)   1976 
Deportee (short, as Mac)   1976 
Day of the Animals (as Bob Denning)   1977 
Secrets (TVM, as Joel Corcoran)   1977 
The Bastard (TVM, as Phillipe Charboneau/Philip Kent)   1978 
The Fury (as Robin Sandza)   1978 
The Boys in Company C (as Pvt. Billy Ray Pike)   1978 
Beggarman, Thief (TVM, as Billy Abbott)   1979 
Topper (TVM, as George Kirby, also executive producer)   1979 
The Rebels (TVM, as Philip Kent)   1979 
Women at West Point (TVM, as Doug Davidson)   1979 
Code Red (TVM, as Ted Rorchek)   1981 
Death Hunt (as Const. Alvin Adams, RCMP)   1981 
Miracle on Ice (TVM, as Mike Eruzione)   1981 
Forbidden Love (TVM, as Casey Wagner)   1982 
The Seduction (as Derek)   1982 
10 to Midnight (as Paul McAnn)   1983 
Journey's End (TVM, as Lt. Raleigh)   1983 
Scared Stiff (as David Young)   1987 
Counterforce (as Nash)   1988 
Fine Gold (as Michael)   1989 
The Terror Within (as David)   1989 
Blood Chase (as John Hayes)   1989 
The Ranch (as Barry Shafferton)   1989 
Columbo 'Murder in Malibu' (TVM, as Wayne Jennings)   1990 
Deadly Innocents (as Bob Appling)   1990 
Down the Drain (as Victor Scalia)   1990 
Tusks (as Mark Smith)   1990 
Extralarge: Jo-Jo (TVM, as Burt)   1991 
Eyewitness to Murder (as Page)   1991 
Deadly Deception  1991 
Munchie (as Dr. Elliott Carlisle)   1992 
Night Eyes (as Will Griffith, also producer and writer)  1990 
Red Blooded American Girl (as Owen Augustus Urban III)  1990 
The Terror Within II (as David, also director and writer)  1990 
Night Eyes II (as Will Griffith, also supervising producer and writer)  1992 
Maximum Force (as Tommy)   1992 
Night Eyes Three (as Will Griffith, also producer, director and writer)  1993 
Deadly Rivals (as Kevin Fitzgerald)   1993 
Double Threat (as Eric Cline)   1993 
Scorned (as Alex Weston, also director)  1994 
Point of Seduction: Body Chemistry III (video, as Alan Clay and producer)  1994 
Munchie Strikes Back (as Shelby Carlisle)   1994 
Illicit Dreams (as Nick Richardson, also director)  1995 
The Skateboard Kid II (as Mr. Ken Fields, also producer and director)  1995 
Body Chemistry 4 (video, as Alan Clay, also producer)  1995 
Night Eyes 4 (TVM, as Will Griffith, also producer)  1996 
Roger Corman Presents 'Flash Frame' (TVM, as Tom Moore, producer and director)  1996 
Scorned 2 (as Alex Weston, also producer)   1997 
Desert Shooter (as Jacob, also producer)  1997 
Agent Red (as Flight Sergeant, also executive producer)  2000 
Mach 2 (as Captain Stevens)   2001 
Space Station (as Phil Andrews, also producer)  2001 
Pursued (as William Carey, also producer)   2004 
Black Dawn (video, as Guard Harold, also producer)   2005 
Popstar (as Professor Brighton, also executive producer)   2005 
The Marksman (video, as Capt. Jack Stevens, also producer)   2005 
Walking Tall 3 (video, as Andrew Davis, also executive producer)  2007 
Missionary Man (as Smuggler, also producer)  2007 


Once an Eagle (mini-series as Donny Damon)  1976 
The Oregon Trail (as Andrew Thorpe)  1977 
Code Red (as Ted Rorchek)  1981-82
Emerald Point N.A.S (as Lt. Glenn Matthews)  1983-84
Hollywood Wives (mini-series, as Buddy Hudson)  1985 
Dallas (as Casey Denault)  1987-89
Nightmare Classics (TV series)  1989 


The Courtship of Eddie's Father' (as Boy at camp)  1963 
Adam-12 'Northeast Division' (as Rod Foreman)   1973 
Apple's Way 'The Accident' (as Richard Graham)   1974 
Police Story 'The Empty Weapon' (as Danny Boy)   1975 
The Quest 'Portrait of a Gunfighter' (as Minter)   1976 
Shazam! 'Out of Focus' (as Jim)   1976 
Westside Medical 'The Mermaid' (as Tom)   1977 
Circus of the Stars #6 (as Himself)   1981 
Battle of the Network Stars XI (as Himself)   1981 
The John Davidson Show (as Himself)  1981 
Battle of the Network Stars XV (as Himself)  1983 
Murder, She Wrote 'Lovers and Other Killers' (as David Tolliver)   1984 
Hotel 'Obsessions' (as Cliff Palmer)   1985 
The New Hollywood Squares (as Himself)  1986 
The New Hollywood Squares (as Himself)  1987 
Hotel 'Barriers' (as Jeff Finch)   1987 
The New Hollywood Squares (as Himself)  1988 
Murder, She Wrote 'Double Exposure' (as Dr. Adam Paulson)   1989 
Swamp Thing 'This Old House of Mayan' (as Bartok)   1992 
Silk Stalkings 'Kid Stuff' (as Dr. Richard Wyman)   1993 
The Troma System (documentary, as Himself)   1993 
The Kid with X-ray Eyes (video, as Drake Berfield)   1999 
Active Stealth (video, as Captain Stevens)   2000 
Venomous (video, as Daniel Andrews)   2002 


Swamp Thing 'The Return of LaRoche'  1992 
Swamp Thing 'Hide in the Night'  1992 
Swamp Thing 'The Handyman'  1992 
Walker, Texas Ranger 'She'll Do to Ride the River With'  1993 
Silk Stalkings 'Tough Love'   1993 
Silk Stalkings 'Dead Weight'  1993 
Marker  1995 
Virtual Combat  1996 


Victim of Desire  1995 
Hard Bounty  1995 
Moving Target  1996 
Over the Wire  1996 
Droid Gunner  1995 
Alone in the Woods  1996 
Dead of Night (also production manager)  1996 
Steel Sharks  1996 
Beneath the Bermuda Triangle  1996 
Rapid Assault (video)  1997 
Invisible Mom (video)  1997 
Crash Dive (video, also director)  1997 
Strategic Command  1997 
The Elf Who Didn't Believe  1997 
Maximum Revenge  1997 
My Ghost Dog (TVM)  1997 
Night Shade  1997 
Scorpio One  1997 
Surface to Air  1997 
Black Thunder  1998 
Freedom Strike  1998 
Mom, Can I Keep Her? (video)  1998 
Invisible Dad (video)  1998 
Operation Cobra  1998 
The Boy Who Saved Christmas  1998 
Secret Santa  1998 
Evasive Action  1998 
Fallout  1998 
Memorial Day  1998 
Mom's Outta Sight  1998 
Tycus (video)  1998 
The White Raven (also director)  1998 
If... Dog... Rabbit...  1999 
Final Voyage (also writer)  1999 
Invisible Mom II (video)  1999 
The Big Kahuna  1999 
Fugitive Mind (video)  1999 
The Third Miracle  1999 
Storm Catcher (also unit production manager)  1999 
Hijack  1999 
The Prophet  1999 
The Boondock Saints  1999 
Counter Measures (video)  1999 
Five Aces  1999 
Restraining Order (also unit production manager)  1999 
Entropy  1999 
Angel in Training  1999 
A Murder of Crows (video)  1999 
The Confession  1999 
Submerged  2000 
Get Carter  2000 
The Art of War (uncredited)  2000 
Beyond Suspicion  2000 
Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000  2000 
Nautilus  2000 
The Whole Nine Yards  2000 
Jill Rips (uncredited)  2000 
Mercy  2000 
Animal Factory  2000 
Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her  2000 
Poison  2001 
Heist  2001 
Ablaze  2001 
Viva Las Nowhere  2001 
Plan B  2001 
Angel Eyes (also production manager)   2001 
Driven  2001 
3000 Miles to Graceland  2001 
The Caveman's Valentine  2001 
Green Dragon  2001 
The Pledge  2001 
Half Past Dead (also production manager)  2002 
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever  2002 
City by the Sea  2002 
Avenging Angelo (also production manager)   2002 
FeardotCom  2002 
ZigZag  2002 
The In-Laws  2003 
The Foreigner  2003 
Final Examination (video)  2003 
Funky Monkey  2004 
Out of Reach (video)  2004 
Blessed  2004 
The Whole Ten Yards  2004 
Method  2004 
The Thing Below (video)  2004 
Thralls  2004 
Glass Trap  2005 
7 Seconds (video)  2005 
Bloodsuckers (TV movie)  2005 
Silent Partner  2005 
A Sound of Thunder  2005 
Shadow Man (video)  2006 
The Detonator (video)  2006 
Half Past Dead 2 (video, also writer)  2007 
Walking Tall: The Payback (video)  2007 
Fire from Below (also writer)  2008 
Mule Boy (also director and writer)  2009