Search for Tomorrow (as an orphan)
The Defenders
Hallmark Hall of Fame
'Cyrano de Bergerac' (his father Thor also appeared, as his father)
'Florence Nightingale'
Combat 'Gulliver' (as Henri) 1966
Gunsmoke 'By Line' (as Jock) 1966
Kraft Suspense 'Theatre Kill Me on July 20th' (as Nick Camion) 1963
T.H.E. Cat 'King of Limpets' (as Victor) 1966
The Virginian 'The Gauntlet' 1967
NYPD (New York Police Department) 1967
Dragnet 'Juvenile' 1968
Land of the Giants (51 episodes as Barry Lockridge) 1968-70
Here Come the Brides 'The Man Of The Family' (as Tommy Blake) 1968
Happening '68 (as Band Contest Judge with Angela Cartwright) including:
- Kenny Rogers and the First Edition
- The Ventures
- Friends of Distinction and Beach Boys
- The Grass Roots
- Oliver
- Barbara Feldon
- Bobby Vee and Freddy Weller
- The Nazz and Eddie Fisher
- The Cowsills
- Bobby Hatfield and Paul Hampton
- Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart
- Peggy Scott and Jo Jo Benson
- Gary Lewis and the Playboys
Silent Night, Lonely Night TVM (TVM, as Jerry Johnson)
The Smith Family (various cameo roles) 1971
Switch 'The Pirates of Tin Pan Alley' (as Keith) 1976
Police Story 'A Chance to Live' 1978
T.J. Hooker 'The Fast Lane' (as Luke) 1983
The Highlander 'Courage' (as Harry) 1995
The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen (as himself) 1995
The X Files 'Tunguska'/'Terma' (as prisoner) 1996
Poltergeist: The Legacy 'Ransom' (as Patient) 1996
The Sentinel 'Payback' (as Rory Hessman) 1996
Viper 'Storm Warning' (as Prof. Theodore Barnesfield) 1997
Millennium 'Goodbye, Charlie' (as Delbert) 1998
Millennium '...Thirteen Years Later' (as Hugo Winston) 1998
The Crow: Stairway to Heaven 'The Road Not Taken' (as Chalkie) 1999
Call of the Wild 'Molly Brown Comes to Town' (as Leo Gales) 2000
7 Days 'The Dunwych Madness' (as Fisherman) 2000
UC: Undercover 'The Siege' (a.k.a. Prison Riot, as Barry Douglas) 2001
Special Unit 2 'The Eve' (as Jared Stick) 2001
Da Vinci's Inquest 'Dizzy Looking Down' (as Lorne Quint) 2002
Dead Like Me (Pilot episode, as Druggie) 2003
Cold Squad 'True Believers' 2003
Da Vinci's Inquest 'Wash the Blood Out of the Ring' 2004
Legend of Earthsea 2004

The Way West (as Billy Tadlock Jr.) 1967
Fear No Evil (as Andrew Williams) 1981
Class of 1984 (as Drugstore) 1982
The Cold Front (writer)
Someone to Die For (as Lazarro) 1995
Misbegotten (as Conan Cornelius) 1998
The Final Cut 2004


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