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A better actor than Richard Basehart has yet to be born. This supremely gifted man, who brought to life our beloved Admiral Nelson, passed away in 1984 at the age of 70. He left us way too soon. Richard Basehart holds a place of honor in the fantasy worlds of Irwin Allen. For without Basehart, there might never have been the fantasy worlds of Irwin Allen. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was a hit show for many reasons, but preeminent among them was the casting of Richard Basehart in the role of Admiral Harriman Nelson. Without this consummate actor at the helm, the submarine series might have voyaged to the bottom of the ratings, and gone down in history as a failure for Irwin Allen. However, because of Basehart, Voyage remained believable. Despite monsters, mummies, mermaids and more, viewers happily anchored themselves to the talents of Richard Basehart, and stayed with the show for four seasons. The success of Voyage enabled Irwin Allen to go on to develop Lost in Space, Land of the Giants, and Time Tunnel. The Poseidon Adventure, one of the great disaster films of all time, quite possibly the big bang of the disaster film genre, soon followed. And so did dozens of other Irwin Allen blockbusters. Be sure to search this site for the details on all those classic disaster movies. But while you're visiting this particular page, won't you help us pay homage to Richard Basehart--the man to whom Irwin Allen aficionados owe so much. We can no longer call or write to tell him how grateful we are, to let him know just how much we admire him and appreciate his work. However, we can pay our respects in another way. Although we should always remember him for his magnificent career as an actor, we should first and foremost revere Richard Basehart as a great humanitarian. Let us help make his legacy a lasting one.


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